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Design & Technology Department


‘IF instead of keeping children at their books I keep them busy in a workshop, their hands work to the advantage of their intellect. They become philosophers while they think they are becoming purely artisans’





Staff List

  • Carolyn Doamekpor - Subject Leader
  • Yemisi Smith-Olubando (YSM) 2IC Curr Coordinator: RM & Compliant
  • Margaret Robinson (MRO) Technician


Harris Academy at Peckham students have access to five technology subjects – Food, Textiles, RM, Electronics and Graphics. Design technology prepares students to take part in a rapidly changing world, learning to think creatively, become problem solvers, innovators, design products to fulfill needs and wants not yet realized. Explore the use of materials new and old, using them in ways no one else has tried. Learning practical making skills with an understanding of how to apply form, shape, aesthetics, and ergonomics to create a functioning product or prototype. Environmental impact of manufacturing on the global environment and how to make products that are environmentally friendly.


Key Stage 3

Schemes of Work

  • KS3 Food projects:

Contain it, Celebrations, Biscuits, Breads & Soups, Stir It!, Pizza on the go, Salads, Dips & Sticks, All about Pasta, Healthy snacks.

  • KS3 Textiles:

Pencil case, Recycled bag – Second Time Around, Cushions, Pin cushions, Shirt & shorts, Tie & Dye, Batik.

  • KS3 Resistant Materials Projects:

Gift box, Clock, Steady hand game, Key fob, CD Rack, Acrylic  Jewellery, Pro Desktop Pewter Project.

  • KS3 Graphics Projects:

Pop up card books.

  • KS3  Systems & Control - electronics projects:

Transistor radio, audio amplifier, Timer, intruder alarms, water sensors, electronic money box, mini light, Fuse tester, maths tutor, christmas  tree flashing lights.

Key Stage 4

  • BTEC Engineering

Electronic products (Replacing Systems and Control) from 2009.

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