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Harris  Academy Peckham will admit 180 pupils into Year 7 in September provided sufficient applications are received.

Harris Academy Peckham will consider all applications for places.  Where fewer than 180 applications are received, the Academy will offer places to all those who have applied.

Where the number of applications for admission is greater than 180, applications will be considered using the following criteria.  The criteria will be applied in the order in which they are set out below.

Applications for students where their Statement of Special Educational Need specifically names Harris Academy at Peckham, together with those students (maximum 10% of intake) selected on the basis of assessed aptitude for the Performing Arts specialism will be offered a place at the Academy.

If your child can demonstrate that they show promise in the areas of music, dance or drama, she or he may be eligible for one of the special performing arts places.  Up to 24 places in Year 7 will be available on this basis and you should fill in the relevant section on the main application form if you wish your child to be considered.  Further details of what is involved in the assessment will be sent to you soon after the closing date.

A fair banding system will be adopted for the remaining places available at the Academy and this will operate as follows:

  • Each applicant will be required to take a non-verbal reasoning test (NVR), which would place applicants in rank order.
  • All applicants will then be placed in one of 5 ability bands which contains, in total, so far as possible, the same number of children based on their performance in that test relative to other applicants.  This ensures that the ability profile of the Academy intake as measured by the test is reflective of the range of those applying to the Academy.
  • Within each of the five bands, the following categories will be determined and places offered in priority order as listed.
  • Children in care (looked after children)
  • Siblings, defined as brother or sister of students who transferred from Warwick Park to the Academy in September 2003, or are on roll of the Academy at the time of application.
  • Students who are in attendance at one of the defined Education Action Zone (EAZ) Primary Schools of Peckham at the time of their application to the Academy, as confirmed by the head teacher of the relevant school.  These schools are: Bellenden, Camelot, Gloucester, John Donne, Oliver Goldsmith, Peckham Park, Rye Oak, St James the Great.
  • Students who are not in attendance at an EAZ Peckham Primary School (listed above) at the time of their application to the Academy.

After the allocation of a student to an ability band, and consideration of the application within their appropriate category, where there are still more applicants than places remaining in a particular category the following tie-breaker will apply: Children whose normal family home is nearest to Harris Academy at Peckham measured by the shortest walking distance to the nearest boundary of the Academy. 
Note: This judgement is made within the relevant category for the application.

After 180 applicants have been offered a place for admission, others will be offered a place on a waiting list.  This will be maintained by the Academy and it will be open to any parent to ask for his or her child’s name to be placed on the waiting list, following an unsuccessful application and appeal for the school.  Places for admission, which are declined or otherwise become vacant, will be offered, as far as possible, to those on the waiting list who are in the same band as that vacated, priority being determined by the categories and tie-breakers as listed above.

There will be an independent Appeals Panel appointed in accordance with the provisions of the statutory Code of Practice on School Admission Appeals.

Over time, Harris Academy Peckham expects that the majority of its sixth form will comprise students transferring from year 11 within the Academy.  Where the Academy is able to offer places to other students to join the sixth form, priority will be given to those living nearest to the Academy as measured by the shortest walking distance from the normal weekday address of the applicant to the nearest boundary of the Academy.  Admission criteria for the Sixth Form are within a special prospectus.

Where possible students who leave will be replaced from those on the waiting list of the same ability band in accordance with the categories and tie-breakers for the appropriate year group.