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Dear Parents, 

Thank you for expressing an interest in the Harris Academy Peckham. If you are considering applying for a place for your child, I hope the following information will be useful.

There has been significant investment in the academy from both the government and the sponsor, Lord Harris, which has resulted in the provision of excellent facilities for learning that include purpose built classrooms, laboratories, workshops and studios. Every opportunity to use ICT as a tool to enhance students' learning is taken and considerable support for learning is provided for students who need it.

The Harris Academy Peckham is part of the vibrant and exciting local community of Peckham and this is reflected in the academy's specialisms which are business and enterprise and the performing arts. All students are encouraged to express themselves through a variety of different mediums such as paint, dance and music and to play a role in the local community through fundraising and community service activities.

The Harris Academy Peckham maintains a firm but fair standard of discipline with a clear emphasis on ensuring that students feel safe; safe from bullying and safe to learn. A strong stance is taken with students who disrupt or prevent the learning of others. High standards of courtesy and politeness are expected of all students at all times and students are expected to wear the academy uniform with pride and to work hard both during the day and at home.

Experience shows that students will make good progress when they can see that a positive partnership exists between the academy and their parents. The Harris Academy Peckham places an emphasis on the completion of homework and parents are expected to play an active role in supporting their child's education for example, by hearing their child read each evening and by providing a quiet place for them to complete their homework. Parents are also expected to fully support the academy's policies on the wearing of uniform, homework and discipline. Together, in partnership, we do our utmost to ensure that the standards of work, behaviour and the attitudes you seek in your own home are reinforced in the Academy.

Each student is allocated to a tutor group on entry to the academy. The tutor group's allow tutors to get to know the students very well and enables a high standard of pastoral care to be provided. Any barriers to learning such as poor attendance or misbehaviour can be overcome quickly through regular contact with home and other local agencies. Our expectation is that students of the Harris Academy Peckham will work hard but enjoy doing so. Our aim is to provide interesting, fun lessons that students can engage with and benefit from. Above all else, we seek for our students the highest possible standards of attainment at each stage of their education.