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Literacy Department


Vision Statement:

Literacy skills are central to the development of learning, personal and social development and to lifelong learning. Secure literacy skills give pupils the opportunity to contribute to the development of a successful life, where they can appreciate, enjoy, understand, evaluate, discuss and make informed choices and decisions.

Harris Academy at Peckham is passionate about promoting the skills students need to access the whole school curriculum confidently and effectively and also prepare them to communicate and think critically in all aspects of their lives.

We are committed to:

  • Securing high standards of literacy across the school through developing a whole school Literacy policy which enables staff to access support and guidance
  • Ensuring that a consistent approach is adopted by all staff to reinforce the skills needed and keep student confusion to a minimum
  • Assisting in the transfer of skills and understanding between all subjects
  • Ensure that students are aware of what is expected of their literacy skills
  • Provide intervention for students as and when necessary

HAAP will promote literacy in 3 key areas:


All teaching will integrate specific literacy strategies into the content of their lessons.



One registration a week will be specifically focused on improving literacy.



Students will participate in schemes to promote literacy and receive intervention as and when necessary.


Advice for parents:

At HAAP we firmly believe that it is really important that parents support their child’s literacy by encouraging reading at home. We recommend that students read for half an hour every evening.