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ICT Department


  “ I think there is a world market for maybe five computers”

Thomas Watson, 1943

(chairman of IBM)



The ICT department @ Peckham is:

• Bola Okubule – ICT Curriculum co-ordinator

• Julien Djizo – 2ic

• Sheila Ackuaku – ICT teacher


KS3 (Year 7 and 8)

From Year 7 to Year 8, students are going through a series of mini-projects to learn the skills and develop capabilities when using ICT. Students are building along with their knowledge an electronic portfolio to store evidence of their achievements.

Students are taught how to handle files and folders, how to select relevant and meaningful information to relay a targeted audience, how to use formulae on a spreadsheet and create a graph, how to use and set up a computer model, how to handle data, how to use blogs and wikis, how to create a podcast and how to create a basic website.


KS4 (Year 9 – 11)

At KS4, pupils either opt for a vocational pathway taking OCR National at level 2 or for an academic pathway taking GCSE in ICT.


GCSE- Academic

At KS4, academic students follow the GCSE 2010 curriculum. It will be completed over two years. It comprises of four units. Unit 1- Living in a digital world [Externally assessed], Unit 2- Using Digital Tools [Internally assessed], Unit 3- Exploring digital designs [Externally assessed] and Unit 4- Creating digital products [Internally assessed].

The subject is split into Single and Double Award.

Unit 1- 40% of the total GCSE and 20% of the total GCSE Double Award

Unit2- 60% of the total GCSE and 30% of the total GCSE Double Award

Unit 3- 20% of the total GCSE Double Award

Unit 4- 30% of the total GCSE Double Award


Vocational- Cambridge Nationals- Equivalent to 2 GCSE Grades A*- C grades

OCR Nationals is a set of units students will go through to produce evidence of their understanding. ICT skills are essential for success in employment and higher education, and are among the fundamental transferable skills required by employers. Cambridge Nationals deliver these skills across the whole range of learning styles and abilities, effectively engaging and inspiring all students to achieve great things.

Students are expected to complete 8 units, of which two are mandatory.

• R001: Understanding computer systems Written paper – 1 hour – 60 marks

• R002: Using ICT to create business solutions Centre assessed task, OCR moderated

Pupils are also expected to complete 6 units from the following strands, creative, business and technical strands. The strands are chosen based on the resources available in the school.



We are currently offering three different courses at Harris Academy at Peckham.

• BTEC Nationals level 3 – vocational- Students complete 12 units over the two years of which 3 units are mandatory. The units range from Introduction to Computer Systems, Advanced Database Design, Spreadsheet Modeling and Information Systems. Once students complete the 12 units they can gain the equivalent of two A- Level grade A*- D grades.

• CISCO – vocational- Industry Certified Programme

• Cambridge Nationals Level 2 – vocational- Same as above

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