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About the Academy

Academies are schools for students of all abilities established by sponsors from business, faith or voluntary groups with direct funding from the government's Department for Education and Skills (DfES). Academies operate independently of the Local Education Authority.

Harris Academy Peckham is sponsored by Lord Harris of Peckham. He believes strongly in this as a chance to help raise the aspirations and achievement of Peckham children.

As the Academy is established it will share its expertise and facilities with other schools and the local community.

Harris Academy Peckham will be an excellent school that responds to the aspirations of Peckham people, working in partnership with Peckham families.

Young people will succeed with Harris Academy Peckham

This is because everyone will work in purposeful partnership to raise ambition, expectation and achievement.

At the heart of the Academy's philosiphy is partnership - between staff and students, staff and parents, between the school and the community, and between parents and students.

Academy specialism

Two specialisms are offered: Business & Enterprise, and Performing Arts, where learning will be clearly relevant to wide-ranging employment opportunities for those who have such interests.