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LRC Department

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Mission statement:

"We are here to help develop and maintain a reading culture in the academy by supporting curriculum areas and pushing forward literary ideals and enthusiasm of books and words."  

The Learning Resource Centre is a multimedia teaching and learning facility comprising a library and a computer area of 50 workstations. The workstations have fold down screens so they can be used as conventional desks would the need arise. This computerized half of the library includes teacher presentation desk, interactive whiteboard and sound system.

The LRC is open for students at the beginning of the day before school as well as after school. All year 7 students have a library induction lesson along with a reading test to ascertain the reading ages and curriculum levels to enable the library to buy in the appropriate stock. This is to make sure that all levels are catered for.

The library has a team of pupil librarians that facilitate the use of the LRC during break and lunch times. They are involved with activities, displays and also the selection of stock. The library has a stock of over 13000 books containing non-fiction and fiction as well as multimedia resources and periodicals.

The Learning Resource Centre is regularly used for lessons by all subject areas as an important research gathering domain. It is crucial that students learn the art of researching from books. The process of looking for the book, going through the book and extracting the essential information and collating into a distinctive piece of work rather than using the “copy ‘n’ paste” culture.

The library being literacy based learning zone has strong ties to the English department and is reinforced with curriculum supporting events. The LRC is not restricted to English as the library is a multifarious resource encompassing and supporting all subject areas.