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MFL Department



"It is arrogant to assume that we can get by in English or that everyone else will speak our language. Learning a foreign language is polite, demonstrates commitment - and in today's world is absolutely necessary"

Sir Trevor McDonald



Staff List

  • Laura Brooks - Middle Leader Modern Foreign Languages
  • Laurie Caspar – Second in charge Modern Foreign Languages
  • Fatima Rodrigues -  Assistant vice-principal
  • Miriam Hastings


AIM: To enable all students to develop their communication skills and understanding of different cultures through learning a foreign language. Whilst we only teach two languages at HAP, we aim to explore different views and traditions, by asking our broadly multicultural pupils to share their own experiences and opinions in an open forum. We use different forms of media in the department to support and develop a passion for language learning. We aim to generate well-rounded global citizens, who show compassion and tolerance towards others and have developed thinking skills.


At Harris Academy Peckham we currently offer French and Spanish. Students do either French or Spanish and study that language through to GCSE.


They are taught listening, speaking, reading and writing through the Immersion method which combines accelerated learning techniques and use of target language.


The pupils have two periods of Modern Languages per week.



Key Stage 3 (Years 7 – 8)


Course content: Students are introduced to a wide range of grammar points, including: using first and third person singular conjugations of verbs, gender and plural forms of nouns and adjectives, indefinite articles, possessive articles, negative forms for verbs, time connectives and the present, past and future tenses. These grammar points are taught using a diverse selection of topics, including town and country, holidays and personal descriptions. Students perform role-play presentations in the target language in front of their peers, and learn how to analyze basic texts in the target language.


ICT projects are carried out every term, allowing the students to develop and reflect on their language learning as well as their ICT skills at the same time.


Homework is set once a week and loaded up onto Show My Homework.


Links to KS3 websites (language learning games and quizzes):



Key Stage 4 (Years 9 – 11)


Course content: At KS4 we follow the EDEXCEL syllabus for Spanish and French GCSE. Students are examined in the four skills, with both controlled assessments and end of year exams. The linguistic elements taught in Key Stage 3 are consolidated and developed. Students are taught how to manipulate and use four different tenses, to give both positive and negative opinions and to use a wider range of adverbs and adjectives. Real-life texts and clips are used to develop the students’ interest in culture and traditions. Reading and listening skills and strategies are practiced to give the students a chance to develop their independent learning skills.


Controlled speaking and writing assessments cover the four different topics:

  1. Travel and tourism e.g. discussing prior and future holidays
  2. Media and culture e.g. writing about a favourite celebrity and why they are an inspiration
  3. Leisure and free time e.g. talking about hobbies
  4. Business and work e.g. discussing work experience, in relation to future career plans.


Homework is set once a week and loaded up onto Show My Homework.


Links to KS4 websites (specifications and revision):

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