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PE Department


“Good, better, best. Never let it rest. Until your good is better and your better is best”

Tim Duncan


Departmental Vision

• To provide an extensive and broad curriculum that will allow many opportunities for students to participate and get involved in sport and activity.
• A curriculum that enables all students to develop physical, mental and life skills that they can use cross-curricular.
• A curriculum that challenges all students in order to maximise learning and ensure all students achieve their full potential and identify talents.
• Increase interest in fitness and health, promoting the benefits of health to encourage more students to participate either recreationally or in competition (i.e., extra-curricular opportunities).
• Physical Education will be a prime reason as to why students enjoy attending Harris Academy Peckham and will want to continue their studies in the subject area past KS3.  


Students participate in a range of disciplines based around Physical Education and Exercise including outwitting an opponent, accurate replication and performing at maximum levels. Activities include volleyball, gymnastics, trampolining, hockey, basketball, netball, outdoor adventurous activities, football and tag rugby. In year 7 students complete a Fundamental Multi Skills unit that focuses on the core key skills required in sports. This allows staff to build knowledge on students strengths within PE. Students assess their own and other’s performance using appropriate terminology, commenting on their own and other’s strengths and suggesting areas for improvement.  


Students have a degree of choice in the activities that they participate in. At the beginning of the Academic year students choose the activities they wish to participate in each half term from a list of options. The choices available to the students include football, basketball, fitness and trampolining, volleyball, and badminton. Students build on existing skills or develop new skills within these activity areas. Emphasis is placed on performance analysis with students commenting their own and others performance. Students take more ownership of their learning taking on other roles within the activities such as coach, referee or scorer.


As a PE department we currently offer the BTEC First Certificate in Sport course which is the equivalent to two GCSE grades. If students embark on this course they will complete 8 units in total, two of which are assessed external through an online written test. The units students will complete include:

• Unit 1: Fitness for Sports and Exercise
• Unit 2: Practical Sports Performance.
• Unit 3: The Mind and Sports Performer
• Unit 4: Training for Personal Fitness
• Unit 6: Leading Sports Activities
• Unit 7: Anatomy and Physiology for Sports Performance
• Unit 9: Lifestyle and Well-being
• Unit 10: Injury and the Sports Performer

When completing coursework students will achieve a Pass (C grade at GCSE), Merit (B grade at GCSE), Distinction (A grade at GCSE) or Distinction * (A* grade at GCSE). The level that a student achieves will depend on the success criteria the student has met and satisfied, and the detail they have put into their work.


PE Enrichment Activities

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