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Studying at Harris Academy Peckham

To ensure that every student maintains a good standard of work throughout his or her time at Peckham we provide a number of support activities.

Supported Private Study Area
This is supervised in the Study room where students are expected to work quietly. These sessions help students to organise themselves and make space for social activities at other times.

Private Study
Private study arrangements for independent working are an essential requirement for students of further and higher education and you have the right to pursue quiet independent study. Your subject teachers will give you guidance on how to work productively on your chosen subjects and you are encouraged to make good use of the Academy Intranet site. Internet facilities are provided but must be used for research purposes. If you are found violating the code of conduct for the use of ICT, you will be disabled from the network which may have severe implications for your programme of study. Please note the Quiet Area/ Computer Area is a SILENT study area. SILENCE must be maintained to allow other students to work. You are also welcome to use the main school library at any time, although you should avoid busy periods for the lower school, such as break time.  You will be timetabled in the Study room as part of your course.

Monitoring and Target Setting
Each student is set a series of personalised target grades based on their past academic performance. Achievement against these targets is compared to actual performance on a regular basis. Where current achievement is below the target, a series of study strategies are agreed to close the gap. This process ensures that students are focused throughout their course, that they remain well motivated and retain a sense of realism about their academic performance and possible career options.

The Tutoring System
Every Post 16 student will be part of a tutor group with an assigned tutor who has responsibility for overseeing students’ progress. Deciding on academic targets, discussing progress and working on applications to university or college are undertaken in conjunction with the tutor. In addition, there is a Post 16 Assistant Principal who has overall responsibility for the welfare of students and whose main responsibility is the academic progress of students.

Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE)
In Post 16 PSHE, students concentrate on issues of direct relevance to their work and future. Time is spent on developing study skills, in working on careers guidance and in preparing students for the move into higher education or into employment.

Financial Assistance and Bursary Fund
On 28 March 2011 the Government announced a new 16-19 Bursary Fund to support the most vulnerable young people to participate in and benefit from post-16 education and training. The total amount to be allocated will allow us to pay:

Bursaries of up to £1,200 to young people in the nominated vulnerable groups


Discretionary bursaries of up to £800 for other students who require support.

1.  To qualify for the bursary of up to £1,200 you need to fall under the following category:

  • young person in care or care leavers,
  • young person receiving income support, and
  • disabled young person receiving both Employment Support Allowance and Disability Living Allowance.

Evidence we require:

  • a letter setting out the benefit to which you are entitled to or
  • written confirmation of your current or previous looked-after status from the local authority which looks after you or provides your leaving care services

2.  To qualify for the discretionary bursary of up to £200 we require the following evidence:

  • Receipt of benefit or
  • P60 or
  • Tax Credit Award Notice if employed , or
  • SA302 form or certified accounts if self-employed

Discretionary bursaries include payments to those students in their first year of Post-16 study and top up payments to those who are currently in receipt of EMA, who will continue to be supported through transitional arrangements, should we consider it appropriate to do so.

-  Please be aware that the discretionary bursaries will not be given to all students only those with priority needs at the discretion of the Post 16 Management Team.

Financial support could be allocated for:

  • Books/equipment
  • Additional course costs e.g. trips
  • Transport
  • Exam re-sits fees
  • Rewards for attainment and attendance.