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Admissions Procedures

Apply Here
Before applying, you should read our Post 16 Prospectus and Course Directory. A visit to the Harris Academy Peckham Post 16 is also highly recommended.

For a printed Post 16 Prospectus and application form please e-mail post16info@harrispeckham.org.uk or telephone 0207 703 4417 and ask for post 16.

Application Procedure

1. Application form sent/delivered by hand to Harris Academy Peckham Post 16 Office.

2. Attendance at interview if requested by the Academy.

3. At interview applicant must bring their latest school report, together with a summary of their attendance and punctuality statistics

4. At interview applicants must bring samples of their Year 11 English and Mathematics work. If applying for an Art course please bring your portfolio of evidence.

5. Closing date for applications is July 21st 2015.  Applications received after this date will be acknowledged and you will be placed on the waiting list.

Appeal Procedure Against Rejection of a Post 16 Place at Harris Academy Peckham

Applicants, who believe they have been refused a place unfairly at Post 16, may appeal in writing to the Assistant Vice Principal of Post 16, within 7 days of receipt of the rejection letter.

Upon receipt of the appeal, of Assistant Vice Principal Post 16 will speak to the interviewer and review the interview report, application form and reference. On the basis of the evidence an informed Academy judgment will be made. The Assistant Vice Principal of Post 16 may, if required, recall the applicant for further discussion about his/her application. The applicant will be informed in writing of the Assistant Vice Principal of Post 16 decision. This will normally be within seven days of receipt of the appeal.

Why choose Harris Academy Peckham Post 16?
For our Post 16 students we offer:

  • Excellent study support facilities
  • an enviable record of A Level and BTEC Examination success
  • all courses fully resourced and generously funded
  • a growing reputation for community care and involvement
  • excellent industrial contacts through our growing network of sponsors
  • personal tutors trained to support individual students and to monitor their academic progress
  • industry standard ICT facilities
  • extensively equipped sports centre available to students, including gym
  • strong links with local Higher Education institutions to ensure ready-made progression routes
  • a two week work experience placement or problem-solving exercise linked to courses
  • teachers timetabled for every lesson
  • graduate teachers, many recruited for their vocational experience
  • generously staffed courses with class sizes smaller than average
  • a wide range of field studies and educational visits.

As a student concerned about your education you will want to consider the following:

  • standards of education
  • facilities available
  • reputation in the community
  • relationships with local and national employers
  • standards of conduct
  • ability to cater for everyone (no discrimination)
  • high quality learning environment
  • sports opportunities
  • progression to Higher Education
  • work experience opportunities for every student
  • specialist teachers at all times
  • staff qualifications
  • class sizes
  • extra curricular activities

Application forms can be found on the Prospectus page of this website.