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DFE and other Government Info

direct.gov web link

This link will provide you with a basic and easy to understand overview of the Academy provide by Direct.gov. The website has four tabs, one for an overview and contact details. The second for Performance Scores, which is on one screen and is a simple to understand table of GCSE attainment data with a comparison of both local and national figures. The third tab provides a map and a tool to get directions to the Academy. The last tab is the contact details for the Local Authority.



DFE Performance Table

This is a more in depth look at the statistics and information regarding the Academy. The information displayed on this website covers almost every area of the Academy from the number of students and staff, to the number of students achieving 5 A* to C including English and Mathematics. This also provides a breakdown of the different types of learners and their performance at the Academy.

DFE Performance Table