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Homework Policy


The Academy values the work students do both in the Academy and at home. Homework provides an opportunity for students to work independently, to research, to carry out specific tasks and to complete work started in class. It is also valuable to “read round” a topic and extend the class work. The curriculum that a student follows should be reflected in the homework that a student is given and should extend the student’s prior learning

Homework is not just a time filler but a valuable and integral part of the programmes of study being undertaken.

A timetable will be produced for all Academy students which will show the allocation of homework for lessons.

Homework may be required for the following day/week/month (in terms of coursework). There are, however, occasions when work will need to be completed before the next stage can be taught, and it will be necessary for students to complete this work on the evening it is set and for teachers to mark it.

As a general guide:

Key Stage 3 (Years 7, 8, 9) can expect approximately 5 hours homework per week

Key Stage 4 (Years 10, 11) can expect approximately 5-10 hours homework per week.

Key Stage 5 (Years 12, 13) can expect at least 12 hours per week.

Teachers will ensure that they:

Teachers are asked to ensure that adequate time is given for students to write homework details. If this is left to the very end of the lesson insufficient time often leads to inadequate details of what is required being written in the Academy diaries.
Give feed back to students in a form that ensures the student is able to understand what is required to progress to the next level.

Students will ensure that they:

Copy accurately the homework details and note the date the work is due to be handed in.

Do their best with each piece of work.
If some of the homework is too difficult, try to obtain help – from your teacher or parents or a fellow student.

Failure to complete homework on time is likely to result in detention and/or extra work from the subject teacher or curriculum leader. If this happens more than very occasionally your parents will be informed and a report may be issued by your form tutor.

Whenever possible talk to parents or teachers or mentors about their progress and aspirations.

Parents are asked

To check the homework details are entered properly in the Academy diaries. There is a space for your regular signature at the end of the week.

Please try to help your child to organise his or her time to their best advantage so that homework is not left to the last minute or even forgotten. It is often best to give children a short period to ‘unwind’ after the Academy day before they start their homework.

Try to provide suitable working conditions at home.

It is really important for you to take an active interest in your child’s work at home rather than just insisting that it is done. This sustained, active interest can make a huge difference to the quality of work produced and their attitude towards homework and eventually their achievements in public examinations.

Give help, if required, but please do not do the work for your child.

Don’t let your child do too much or get upset about a piece of work he or she is finding difficult. Please use your judgement as to when to intervene and say that its time to stop working on a piece of homework. Please make a note in the Academy diaries.

Let us know if there is a problem with homework such as there is too much, too little or if it is all coming at once. We all want what is best for the children. PLEASE tell us if there is a problem.