Students visit Royal Ballet School


On the 28th January 2013, Ms Robinson arranged for our Year 10 dance group to visit the Royal Ballet School. We watched the dancers from the Royal Ballet Company do their daily ballet class. We were told that these dancers were some of the best ballet dancers in the UK. Their technical abilities were phenomenal, and their balance and turns were amazing to watch. The dancers showed

Quotes from the students:

  • The dancers were very flexible and I thought that was impressive.
  • It was a totally new experience
  • It was nice to see how professional dancers prepare for dance and it was very inspiring
  • The dancer worked hard throughout the class and needed to be strong and have a lot of energy to complete the movements.
  • I found the bar work boring at the start of the class  but when they started leaping and travelling across the floor it became really exciting.

Written By: Damilola Ojo 10CRE

Photography By: Tezlym Senior-Sakutu 10BBE



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