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Hair and Beauty


"Fashion is like a circle it always comes round, it just depends on where you get on and off Staff List"

 Aims of the Faculty

 The Faculty fully endorses the whole school aims and aspires to:
• offer each student the opportunity to study in an interesting, orderly and realistic working environment;
• prepare each lesson thoroughly and in line with schemes of work and the relevant awarding bodies specifications;
• mark and assess student work carefully and consistently, and to provide guidance and feedback on individual student progress;
• encourage each student to consistently seek to achieve their own best possible standards;
• inspire students to develop interest and enthusiasm in the world of business and enterprise;
• to develop Hair and Beauty as one of the Academy’s specialism’s throughout the whole school.

The achievement of these aims is to be observed through:
• helping to develop lively and enquiring minds; the application to task; and, the ability to listen, analyse and create logically;
• well balanced lessons which add to students’ knowledge and understanding, and develop competence in key skills;
• written and verbal feedback; students correct and re-draft written work; a details record of every student’s work is kept by the class teacher and shared with their parent/carer;
• analysis of Key Stage 4 and Key Stage 5 results, and other certificates awarded.

Structure of the Faculty

The Faculty is the one of the most popular vocational courses on offer at the academy. The courses are regularly oversubscribed and are recognised as an outstanding department.

Mike Smith is the Subject Leader, with one full time teacher, Joanne Facey, and Assistant Technician Marva Gayle. All staff are qualified and experienced in the areas that they will be teaching and working, and bring a wealth of experience into the Academy.

The day-to-day running of the Faculty is the responsibility of the Subject Leader.

The teaching of these courses is all situated at the front of the academy in A block. It consists of three rooms – BG1 A fully equipped hair salon, BG2 A theory room with computers, interactive whiteboard and projection facilities and BG3 a combined hair and beauty salon consisting of five hairdressing work stations, three curtained beauty beds, dispensary area and the Subject Leaders office.

Awarding Body – City and Guilds
The Level 1 Award, Certificate and Diploma in an Introduction to the Hair and Beauty Sector.
This course is delivered over two years covering a basic introduction to the hair and beauty industries. Students are given the opportunity to learn and perform basic hair and beauty services on each other, family and friends. By completing practical observations they are then graded Pass, Credit or Distinction on their performance. In addition each unit of study has an accompanying assignment which also has a Pass, Credit or Distinction value. Opportunities to gain realistic work experience are given and field trips to Hair and Beauty exhibitions at Excel and the V&A museum are taken. This course has proven to engage students and help build their self esteem and confidence in preparation for the world of work or further study.

Awarding Body – City & Guilds
The Level 2 Certificate and Diploma in Women’s Hairdressing.
This course is delivered over two years and consists of both theory and practical experience in the hairdressing industry. Students are required to have a one day per week hair salon placement for the duration of the course. Students are given a complete knowledge of all services offered, on all hair types, in a hairdressing salon, typical skills are:
Styling, Cutting, Perming, Colouring, Highlighting, Canerow.
Each unit of study has a practical element, observed and assessed in the salon, with Pass Credit or Distinction grading. In addition each unit has an accompanying assignment that requires in depth research into the topic. Research into the legislation and regulations that govern the hairdressing industry, H&S implications employment rights and responsibilities are just some of the topics covered.
Field trips to trade events, museum visits to research and gain knowledge are just some of the activities undertaken. The course gives the students a realistic view on working in the hairdressing industry, extensive knowledge in hairdressing skills and prepares them for the world of work.

Further Opportunities
• Level 2 Diploma (NVQ) in Hairdressing
• Employment in the hairdressing industry

Some useful links :
• Hair and Beauty Industry Authority – www.habia.org
• City & Guilds – www.cityandguilds.co.uk

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