Some great examples of Year 10 French 150 and 90 word task practice. Excellent travail! Keep it up!


Year 7 students focussed and engaged during workshops


Year 7 Drama students create a series of Freeze Frames to re-tell the story of the opening of The Merchant of Venice.


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Aged 14 – 19 and live in Southwark? Passionate about the issues that matter to you? Stand as a Youth Parliament candidate for your school, youth club or local area. Find out more and apply before 25 June


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Aged 14 – 19 and live in Southwark? Passionate about the issues that matter to you? Stand as a Youth Parliament candidate for your school, youth club or local area. Find out more and apply before 25 June


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Calls have also been made for Jimi to be commemorated in Postman's Park near St Paul's Cathedral


Year 10 Mock examinations are taking place over the next fortnight. Please see our website for further details:


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Have your say and keep up to date with the latest project news for our Peckham Square project


Thank you to Andre O Ferguson and the team from "Story of Man" for visiting us, to run a workshop on perseverance and successful perceptions of masculinity


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This Tuesday June 8th 2021 will be the next story of man camp at Harris Academy Peckham. Check out this dope speaker line up. 🔥


Looking forward to our next Think Forward Thursday Careers Spotlight Session tomorrow with following on from our last session with Sachini Imbuldeniya :


Year 10 German students are extending their answers to general questions in a half-term revision session.


Thank you Spheron Architects for speaking to our students about design plans for Peckham Square alongside career opportunities in architecture


Year 8 girls working with coaches as part of a Netball intervention in PE this term


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What a great idea to get older DofE participants and Award holders to share their !


Our Year 11 students sharing their top tips and favourite memories of their Duke of Edinburgh expedition with Year 9's who are excited to head out on their practice hike next month!


Students enjoy a good debate!


Congratulations! What a wonderful achievement 🖌


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Haven’t been back here since year 11, looking forward to it 🙌🏾


We’re excited that Cashief Nichols will be coming to Harris Academy Peckham on Tues 8th June for a ‘Story of Man’ event, organised by Andre Ferguson. He and other guests are talking to students about how you can overcome trials & tribulations in today’s society.

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FAQs - Year 7 Guide to Starting School in September

We are very much looking forward to welcoming you to the Academy. In this guide we have included a great deal of useful information.

Remember, you should NOT come to the Academy and should stay at home if you are displaying any symptoms of Covid-19:

  • a high temperature
  • a new, continuous cough
  • a loss of, or change to, your sense of smell or taste.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, please contact our attendance line as soon as possible.

When will I be coming to Harris Academy Peckham?

Students in Year 7 start on Friday 4th September. Only Year 7 will attend the school on this day. Other students will return to the Academy on Monday 7th September.

To minimise the number of students arriving at one time, the year group has been divided into two groups. The times of the day for Friday 4th September are as follows:  

  • 9.00am - 2.00pm Group 1 (Students in 7Y1, 7Y2 & 7G1) 
  • 10.00am - 3.00pm Group 2 (Students in 7R1 & 7B1)        

Please come to the main entrance on Lyndhurst Road.

From Monday 7th September, all of Year 7 will arrive at 8.25am. Please see our Timings of the Day page for full details of start and dismissal times.

It is important that students arrive no earlier than 10 minutes before their staggered start times to ensure you are not mixing with other year group bubbles.

Will the Academy look and feel different?

Yes. The Academy has carefully followed government guidance in preparation for opening, this is in order to keep you safe. It is a calm, safe, welcoming environment and you will be taught in a class bubble within a year group bubble.

Do I need to wear uniform?

Uniform expectations remain the same. You will be expected to return in full Academy uniform including your tie and blazer. Your shoes should be black and polishable. Your coat must be plain black. Students are allowed earrings but must only have one in each ear and be a plain round stud. Students who arrive to the Academy with the incorrect uniform will be asked to return home.

Further information on our uniform can be found on the uniform page of this website. The uniform policy can be downloaded from the student welfare page.

IMG 021What do I need to bring?

Students are required to bring a plain black bag (suitable for A4 books) as normal including a fully stocked pencil case. You must have the following items in your pencil case which cannot be shared with others:

  • Pens (black or blue)
  • Pencil
  • 30cm ruler
  • Scientific calculator
  • Geometry set for Mathematics

You will also require a reading book each day as well as a student planner which will be provided for you on your first day back.

Please bring a bottle of water and packed lunch if preferred. You will be able purchase a hot meal at lunchtime so please ensure your ParentPay account is kept topped up. Students who are in receipt of free school meals will receive their lunch in the normal way.

Will I have my normal lessons/timetables?

There is an almost normal curriculum for Year 7s although initially Art and DT will be on a rotation. This additional curriculum time will be used to enable students to catch up in English and Maths.

How will I enter the Academy?

Click here to see some pictures showing you the arrangements for entering the school and using the canteen.

You will enter the Academy grounds via the main entrance. You will then need to line up in the allocated area for Year 7s. If you are being dropped off, your parent/carer MUST NOT leave the vehicle.

You will then be guided to wash your hands before entering the building.

You will then be taken in single file to your classroom where you will remain for the day with the exception of lunchtimes.

What time will I start and finish?

You will arrive at the Academy either at your allocated time or no more than ten minutes earlier. If you are early you will need to wait outside. In order to facilitate hand washing you will have a staggered start and different year groups. 

Year Group

Start Time

(Mon – Thurs)

End Time

(Mon – Thurs)

Start Time


End Time


Year 7 – Student Entrance





IMG 138Where will I have my lessons?

In your lessons, you will be in a year group bubble.  Where possible, you will remain with the same students, in the same class, at the same desk all day, this is to reduce the risk of infection.

What will happen at break and lunchtime?

Year 7 students will have will have a 10-minute breaktime in their allocated classroom. During this time, you will be able to eat a snack in your classroom.

During lunchtime you will remain in your bubble and have staggered times to the rest of the students who are in the Academy that day. You will have an opportunity to purchase hot food from the canteen and have some time outside within your bubble.

How can I protect myself from Covid-19 whilst I am at school?

You MUST remain socially-distanced from staff and students at all time.

You will be expected to wash/sanitise your hands frequently and it will be required at the following times:

  • After coming into school
  • After sneezing or coughing
  • Before and after handling or eating food
  • After going to the toilet.

How should I get to school?

Where possible you must walk or ride a bicycle.  If this is not possible and you need to use public transport you must maintain social distancing and follow TfL guidance on wearing a face covering. If you are concerned about this please speak to your tutor or a member of staff.

You must travel alone or with siblings; you are not permitted to wait for friends or meet friends and you are expected to go straight home at the end of the day. 

Can I wear PPE i.e. a face mask or gloves?

Not in school. The government guidance is clear, PPE is NOT recommended in schools.  We are following government guidance, PPE will not be permitted once on Academy premises. If you wish to wear a mask or gloves on your way to and from Academy you will need to remove these at the school gate.

What will happen if I do not follow the new rules?

We know that most you are excited to start in your new school and meet some of your teachers.  We have had to put new rules in place to keep everyone safe and it is important we all follow them. 

UniformStudent expectations (guidelines)

Students must adhere to social distancing expectations at all times.

Before Academy/entry

  • Students must not congregate in groups on their journey into the Academy.
  • Students must stand on the designated markers outside the Academy building.
  • Students must wash their hands and be in full school uniform on entry into the Academy every day

In the Academy

  • Students must follow all instructions from staff, first time, without challenge
  • Students must move around the Academy in a single file following the floor markings
  • Student must sit in the place allocated by them by the staff member and not leave that seat unless instructed
  • Students must not spit
  • Students must not share any items with other students
  • Students must not actively seek out physical contact with their peers or staff
  • Students must only walk around the Academy as directed and when supervised
  • Students must maintain social distancing
  • Students must not congregate in groups other than their designated class bubbles
  • Students must always remain in year group areas unless directed otherwise by a member of staff

After Academy/exit

  • Students must not congregate in groups on their journey home from the Academy.
  • Students must maintain social distancing when waiting for public transport
  • Students must exit the building in a single file.
  • Students must respect their community and represent the Academy to the very highest standards on their way home

These expectations are inclusive of when students are traveling to or from the Academy, on Academy related trips or even outside of Academy hours.

If poor behaviour should occur outside of the Academy, bringing it into disrepute, then the same sanctions as aforementioned will be applied. Furthermore, if the behaviour of any student could have repercussions for the orderly running of the Academy, pose a threat to another student or member of the public, or could adversely affect the reputation of the Academy, DfE guidance (2016) deems it permissible for the Academy to sanction in accordance with its policy.