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Could you be the next Southwark scholar? Planning to go to university but worried about the cost? We've already supported over a hundred outstanding students to attend university by covering their fees. If you think you have what it takes, find out more


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Tonight was the second issues workshop — this time focussing on mental health for schools / young people. Great leadership from from , Emma and students from , from , Treasure from , and more!


We have a temporary email address if you need to contact the Academy:


The last day of term is Wednesday 31st March. Students will be dismissed from 12:30pm.


Food parcels are available at the Academy today between 3.15-4pm. Come and get fresh eggs, milk, fruit, bagels, bread and cereal. See you there!


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We are enjoying spending time with - talking about the Law-with thanks to the team who include Mark Fenhalls QC, and


Year 9 and budding lawyers are spending the afternoon taking part in a seminar on the legal profession and looking at legal ethics!


HAP celebrates Le mois de la francophonie. "Team Croissants" stole the show in the Y7 quiz! Students also watched an iconic French cartoon, Titeuf, and joined a workshop on French cartoon-making.


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Would you like to train as a Primary or Secondary school teacher? Join us for our early morning evening on 10th May at 8.30am. We will answer all of your questions. Tickets here! 👇


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Free eBooks & eAudiobooks for all Southwark Libraries members 👉 Just download the BorrowBox app


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Easter Holiday Programme ! FREE places for children in Years 3-6. DM us for details.


Y10 students spent the day attending an online visit to to learn about university life & future degree options. Here they are looking at the Cambridge prospectus!


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Has Bedrock Vocabulary transformed your students' learning? Then explore our broad, ambitious English language and literature scheme, suitable for all GCSE-age pupils. Read more here:


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You may be helping your child do their first Covid-19 test at home tonight. demonstrated how to carry out a lateral flow test, with the help of his niece.


This week's student newsletter, Peckham Post, is now available on our website


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Parents and support bubbles of school children can now get rapid Covid-19 tests twice a week. Order yours now.


Thank you to Kate and her students from for their inspiring talk on taking Geography further at university and career opportunities for our Year 10 and Year 11 students!


The Peckham Geographic Society have been studying dinosaurs. Check out the artistic creations from Joshua and Jordan from Year 8!


It's good to be back! Year 11 Historians doing what they do best and putting forward their historical arguments.

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