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Brilliant afternoon workshop on GIS for A-Level students at . Thanks so much to and for their expertise and enthusiasm!


Our steel pan ensemble and talented vocalists are featuring in this amazing event being held at Harris Academy Peckham on Friday 21st June 6:00pm. Tickets are only £2 - buy a ticket in advance at the Eventbrite link below or pay on the door. We look forward to seeing you!


The Academy Orchestra performed with on Friday as part of their Young Players project. We had a great time! Here is our performance!


The Academy Orchestra performed with on Friday as part of their Young Players project. We had a great time! Thank you to our friends for joining our orchestra for the last few weeks. We will see you again soon!


The Academy Orchestra performed with on Friday as part of their Young Players project. We had a great time! Thank you to our friends for joining our orchestra for the last few weeks. We will see you again soon!


We had a fantastic time at the Gala Dinner last week! We hosted, sold over £7000 worth of raffle tickets and the Jazz Band entertained! A great evening was had by all! Thanks for having us!


Year 9 students had the opportunity to record their musical at . We got it all done in one day! Thanks to &


Let’s read! Year 8 students from Harris Academy Peckham read with Year 4 students from


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Blown away by the talent of students this morning. Been working with their on a little something for HUH this Sat! Get tix to see them alongside and more! 💙


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💛🙌🏾 Wow thanks so much to all the students , brilliant young poets, so inspiring to meet you all! Thank you! Thank you!


Amazing work from our Peckham Poets with Salena Godden! Keep a lookout for their recorded performance June 22nd


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1 week to go until Royal Steel headline Peckham Pan Fest with performances for , Bellenden Primary and Dog Kennel Hill school with special guest reggae artist


Excellent revision from Year 10 ahead of their assessments next week on medieval medicine linking factors for why life expectancy was so low.


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It's Friday... It's It's Drop in bikefix for young people 10-19yrs, 4.30 to 6.30pm Calling . Let your students know...



Copies of our new issue are now available Wash & Dry, Valentino, Chicken Express, Southampton Way Dry Cleaners and the Damilola Taylor Centre!


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Printing issue 3 of pick yours up in on Saturday and read some amazing stories from your neighbors And some adverts from some of community supporters:


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Last rehearsal of ’s sky dances sounding great - we’ll be playing it with the amazing orchestras from and this week - first concert tomorrow! 🎻🚙


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Well done Tegan, big congratulations 💫

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All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

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Values and Ethos


Understanding that to fulfill potential, taking ownership of learning is crucial. Being able to improve independent and collaborative skills to become a fully rounded leader by demonstrating tolerance and empathy towards others. Developing the courage and confidence to lead with confidence and conviction, motivating and supporting others with compassion. Communicating with fluency, confidence and accuracy, understanding how to alter words and tone as suitable to audience and purpose in a mature and sophisticated manner. Understanding the importance of being a positive role model to others and an effective compassionate citizen in our academy community and beyond.


Acquiring and maintaining a curious approach to learning, dedicating oneself to the discovery of further depths of knowledge so that profound understanding and application can occur. Questioning the meaning of each new chapter of learning to fully immerse in new information, gaining ownership through investigation, analysis and study. Applying independent and collaborative skills to interrogate new learning to master new concepts and skills.


Cultivating a will to excel across all facets of academy life: academic, personal and interpersonal. Committing to the self-belief and hard work required to achieve goals, understanding that growth mindset and reflection are needed to exceed targets, taking pride in one’s own and others’ accomplishments. Meeting the challenges delivered in class and setting one’s own high level challenges to further extend learning and personal development. Fostering a confidence in one’s own attributes and in one’s peers to be able to celebrate and inspire further the skills and talents needed to excel as an individual and as a collective.


Developing the resilience to face all barriers in learning and challenges to personal growth to consistently commit to self-improvement. Maintaining the focus and positive mindset needed to excel in all aspects of academy life, demonstrating a mature dedication to fulfilling one’s personal best and fostering a determination to learn from mistakes to strengthen resolve to succeed. Understanding that there are no excuses, but to empower oneself through building strength through learning and reflection. Fostering the ability to be a leader of one’s own learning