We are so proud of our word millionaires: Zohaib, Ethan, Hafiz, Sohial, Bethlehem, Karen, Danat, Megan and Abdulrasheed. They have read more than one million words!! What a brilliant achievement! #HAPheros


Retweetd From Anthony D

Time for some more suprises! I am pleased to welcome our final Keynote speaker! The wonderful discussing 'The Power Of Music' 🎶🎼🎷🎻🎧🎤🥁


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Delighted to be a Keynote speaker at 💙🎶 talking about the importance of music in education and all the wonderful activities we do in . See you there!


ATTENTION YEAR 11s: Things might be a little bit different this year, but that shouldn’t stop you from keeping doing good. If you want a chance to develop your skills, re-build your community and spend time with your friends, has got you covered:


To celebrate the work of our fantastic students this year we've made a short film - Harris Academy Peckham Highlights 2019-20. It's been a shorter than usual academic year, but there is still loads to celebrate! We hope you enjoy watching it!


Well done to Tegan and Prince (pictured) for being selected to join the prestigious summer programme. This challenges and motivates high-flying students and introduces them to the world of research-led academia. Huge congrats! Find out more


Special thanks to for the chats to our Yr 7 & 8 students today! Commercial solicitors, motivational speakers, Oxford graduates, aviation engineer - all 4 vols were eloquent, articulate & inspiring. Proof that BAME can break the glass ceiling in any field!


Great refresher session from Pathway Programme with Duro from Change 2020 on 'understanding the mind'. Looking forward to September's sessions starting back. Remember your mind is limitless!


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The charity has created a great series of FREE online mini-modules to help mums develop their tech skills over the summer. You'll find modules on getting started with the internet, email, safety online, social media, and more. Have a look!


Looking forward to relaunching the DTT Career Pathway Programme virtually with our Year 9 students on MS Teams on Thursday at 1pm


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We very much enjoyed delivering an online insight session to Yr9 & 10 students yesterday. Great attendance and useful feedback, it’s an to be a part of the next generation of & workers


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Looking for summer activities? Find out more about this 'Summer of Food and Fun' programme for children and families in and .


Thank so much to Alice & Lizzy from for delivering an online insight session to our Yr 9 & 10 students. Informative, interesting and inspiring for our students. We look forward to building (no pun intended!) a longstanding relationship with the company!


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Southwark Libraries have some great events, videos and fun activities for young people as part of their . Big thanks to our for everything they are doing for young people in .


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Thank you to all our academies who shared their strategies for supporting the most vulnerable pupils during lockdown by getting them into school


Thanks Josie, have passed this on to the careers lead!


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Have your say on the themes and issues emerging from the Black Lives Matter movement. Write a story in 500 words for the competition. Categories for 5-9 and 10-13 year olds. Closes 3rd July. You can do it!


Help us create a Black archive in 2020 to preserve documents and items from this moment in history. What should we add to the school archive? What will help us teach future generations of children? Take part at


Joselina, one our Spanish students, has written a poem to express her feelings of solidarity with the black community. You can read "This Hate Inside Me Will Not Conquer Me", with artwork by Anisa, at


"Once Again People of Colour Have Been Failed by the System". We were very impressed with this and illustration by Navilah, on the theme of the movement, and wanted to share it with you. Read Navilah's poem at

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

Central Office














Year 11 Virtual Learning Information

Welcome to the Year 11 information page.  Here you will find resources to keep your brain engaged during this difficult time as well as lots of information to help with your transition to wherever you will continue your studies.

Don't miss the 'How to Be Great at Virtual Learning' page!

Year 12 subject resources

We have provided a range of resources for most Year 12 subjects that you might be taking at Sixth Form. We strongly recommend you have a look and start reading now so that when you start in September you are more prepared. 

Please click here to access the Sixth Form subject resources

What happens now you have left Harris Academy Peckham?

In April, we sent a detailed letter home with key information relevant to your studies both now and in the future. It covers:

  • Understanding how your GCSE grades will be awarded
  • Applying for your sixth form/college or apprenticeship (most of you have now done this)
  • Creating a study timetable for your Level 3 subjects over the next two months and starting it
  • Widening your learning, for example by signing up for Duke of Edinburgh, Brilliant Club, MOOCs or the EPQ, Brilliant Writers
  • Seeking and taking on work experience or volunteering opportunities.

Download the letter to Year 11, sent to students in April 2020, or see the complete text below.

Dear Class of 2020,

In these rather peculiar times we understand you may feel uncertain about your next steps for your education or career and also unsure of how to make the most of your ‘free’ time, especially as the last few months you have all been working incredibly hard revising! Below we have tried to include lots of the information you may need over the coming weeks.

Understanding how your GCSE grades will be awarded

GCSE results are still scheduled to be released on Thursday 20 August 2020. We will be in touch with the logistics for this nearer the time. Please watch the video from Ofqual to find out how your GCSE results will be calculated now you are no longer sitting formal exams:

How will grades be calculated? The Academy will be asked to send exam boards two pieces of information for each of your subjects, based on what they know about your work and achievements:

  • the grade they believe you were most likely to get if teaching, learning and exams had happened as planned
  • within each subject, the order of students at your school or college, by performance, for each grade.

This information will be used to standardise judgements – allowing fine tuning of the standard applied across schools and colleges.  The Academy will consider a range of things like your classwork and homework; your results in assignments and any mock exams; any non-exam assessment or coursework you might have done; and your general progress during your course.  This information will allow us, with exam boards, to standardise grades across schools and colleges, to make sure that, as far as possible, results are fair and that students are not advantaged or disadvantaged because their schools or colleges are more generous or harsh than others.  That means the final grade you get could be different from the one the Academy sends to the exam board.

Do I need to complete any new work for my school/college to submit a grade? The Academy is not required to set additional mock exams or homework for your centre assessment grade, and you won’t be disadvantaged if you were not set, or were unable to complete, any work given out after schools were closed.

Can I see the grades my school/college submits for me? No, this information will be confidential.  Please don’t ask your teachers, or anyone else at the Academy, to tell you the grades they will be sending to the exam boards or where they have placed you in the order of students; they will not be allowed to share this with you.

Whilst we have been unable to have a prom, we promise you when it is safe, we will reunite together for a celebration of your achievements!  In the meantime, we will be collating a yearbook. Please send a comment and any photos you would like to be included to Ms. Hall:  It would be great to include something from every single student on their time at the Academy.  It could be a memory, a gratitude or any other expression which you think sums up your time at Harris Academy Peckham.

Applying for Sixth Form/College or apprenticeship

Most colleges and sixth form colleges are still accepting applications. For anyone wanting to apply to Harris Sixth Forms, you should go onto the Harris website and apply online as a current year 11 student using your hfed login. For Year 11s who have not yet applied

  • you must go onto the college or 6th form college website directly and complete the online application. Also attached is a local list of colleges and sixth forms. 
  • within a couple of days a confirmation or acknowledgement email will be sent to you confirming receipt of  your application
  • normally for the next stage the student would be invited in for a course discussion meeting.  Now, some of the colleges/6th forms colleges are now doing a telephone course discussion meeting and others are just  giving students an offer for a place on their chosen course.

For Year 11s who have already applied to colleges/6th form colleges you need to keep checking your emails for further details.  Anyone who was given a course meeting date for March or April – these will now be cancelled and a letter or email will be sent giving further information.

Careers Advice. For any student who needs more advice on what course to apply for or support with their application, please email Ms. Jones, our careers advisor, directly by phone or email: Christ the King Sixth Form are also offering impartial careers advice:

Additional careers advice about subjects, university prerequisites, apprenticeships or jobs can be found on Kudos.

Username and Passwords remain the same:
Username: firstname.surname
Password: Kudos1

Additionally, St Anne’s College, Oxford University have agreed to do an online session on Microsoft Teams on University and Future Choices on Wednesday 29th April from 1.45- 2.45pm. Click the link to join the meeting.

Creating a study timetable for your Level 3 subjects

We cannot emphasise the importance of trying to continue with your learning during this time.  Your brain is a muscle and needs to be constantly ‘working out’ in order to perform at its optimum when needed.

Post 16 Courses

Kerboodle – Kerboodle has online resources and textbooks for the following A-Level course: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, French, Geography and Mathematics.  This amazing resource will help you to prepare effectively for your year 12 courses.  Email Mr. Asiedu if you would like to be set up on Kerboodle with a free subscription provided by Oxford University Press: (

A Level Maths – Mr. Arnold will be delivering transition lesson for A-Level Maths on Microsoft Teams on Thursday mornings from 10am-11.30am from 30th April. If you are interested in studying A-Level Maths, whether within the federation or at another institution this will ensure you have the prerequisite knowledge needed as well as building on to new foundation skills needed for the course.  If you are interested in attending, please email Mr. Arnold: Hegarty Maths is also providing live A-Level Prep lessons on You Tube.

A Level Religious Studies – Mr Lane has prepared resources for the transition to A Level Religious Studies which will be posted on Teams. Please email him should you want to join this self-taught course: Additionally, you may find these videos useful as part of your preparation:

GCSE Support- English & Mathematics – We will continue to provide lessons on Microsoft Teams for GCSE English and Maths for anyone who may need these skills next year.  This is particularly useful for those looking to study qualifications with a large amount of Maths involved (such as Psychology or Economics) or essay-based subjects where English Language skills are particularly important. Additionally, anyone who is concerned that they may not achieve a 4 in English or Maths will need to keep studying these in whichever post 16 institution you go to so it would be a good idea to attend these classes so you don’t forget your skills.  Sessions will start from 30th April.






Thursdays 10am

Ms Awosile


Fridays 12.30pm

Ms Watkins


Widening your learning

To this end, throughout the summer term we will be giving you the opportunity to start immersing your imaginations in one of the worthwhile activities listed below:

Duke of Edinburgh

We would like to offer students the chance to take on a Silver Duke of Edinburgh Award.  This award shows that you are well rounded individual and it is very highly regarded on UCAS and job applications.  The award can be completed whilst at home.  If you start the award now you be able to complete it early in your new 6th form. To achieve this award you need to complete six months of physical exercise.

Developing a physical skill

Once a week you can develop a physical skill, for example basketball practice or a workout routine. Right now, this could involve an hour a week of shooting practice at your park or three 20 minute workouts. Search: PE with Joe or Yoga with Adrienne to get started with your physical tasks, or see the links on our Wellbeing at Home page.

Six months developing a mental skill

Once a week you can develop a mental skill, for example meditation or cooking. Right now, this could involve cooking for your home twice week or three 20 minute meditations over 7 days.  Below is a list of courses which could also fulfil this skill. Search: calm meditation, headspace or keep calm and cook to find some useful mental tasks.

Six months developing a moral skill (volunteering)

Once a week you can develop a moral skill, for example helping a child to read, helping an elderly person or fund raising for a foodbank.  Right now, this could involve calling an elderly person three times a week, reading via facetime with a child or starting a community project with Peckham citizens. Contact: if you would like to train for volunteering with Peckham citizens or your local church/mosque or charity to ask them how you can volunteer from home.

An expedition

This would be done at your new sixth form and involve a three day camping adventure which will put your physical, mental and moral skills to the test.  Mr Lane has spoken with Harris’ Sixth Form DofE co-ordinator and it has been agreed that current Year 11 Peckham students who go on to study at a Harris Sixth Form will have the chance to do an expedition early with their former Peckham colleagues. If you would like to take on this award please email Mr Lane, and he will help you start this.

The Brilliant Club

The Brilliant Club programmes have a positive impact on pupils. Data from UCAS shows that pupils completing their programmes are significantly more likely to apply to and receive an offer from a highly-selective university.  Resources are available on their website with information about the next stage in your education in terms of both University Knowledge and Skills. Additionally, there are a series of master classes on History, Maths, Psychology and Science including virology that are great preparation for A-Level or to keep your brain ticking over! Find out more.

Young Writers Competitions

Are you a budding journalist, anthropologist, or creative writer? Enter one of Goldsmiths University’s three writing competitions by for a chance to win a £1,000 prize and put your imagination to and creativity to good use. Find out more.

Extended Project Qualification (EPQ)

An Extended Project Qualification is a qualification taken by some students in England and Wales, where it is equivalent to 50% of an A level and earns UCAS points for university applications. An EPQ is an independent research project which involves writing an essay of 5000 words (that's around 10 typed pages), or creating a product, which might be anything from an art object to an iPhone app. Find out more.

Complete an online course to ensure you have the skills needed to complete an EPQ:


Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) are free online courses available for anyone to enroll. MOOCs provide an affordable and flexible way to learn new skills, advance your career and deliver quality educational experiences at scale. There are over 10,000 MOOCs available online at

Here is a selection that I think you may find useful, but there is literally something for everyone:

World of Work


ICT & Computer Science

English & Media




  • Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Italian, Korean, Mandarin, Russian, Portuguese, Arabic, Turkish, Dutch, Hindi, Greek, Polish, Latin, Hebrew, Vietnamese and many others.
  • Mandarin

Work experience

Finally, this an opportune time to start considering applications for part-time work or other work experience. We will be forwarding on a brochure from Teach First shortly outlining some opportunities they provide but do try to look for opportunities yourself.

Don’t let social distancing stop this, there a lots of virtual work experiences you can also take part in such as Barclay's Life Skills.

The Barclays life skills website has lot of tips on how to create covering letters and CV:

Fledglink has a whole host of live, online careers tutorials and workshops you can sign up to.

We appreciate there is a lot of information here but hopefully you will find this useful. As always the academy are available should you need any help, advice or support, whether academic or pastoral – please do get in contact with your tutor or any member of staff who will be happy to support you along your journey.

We look forward to seeing you all soon and wish you the best of luck with all your future endeavours.

Kind regards

Ms Alex Hall

Assistant Principal