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Great start to our annual Governor Conference, choir.


Year 8 Kings Scholars at their subject teaser sessions where they supercharge their learning through metacognition and also learnt about the various branches of subjects


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We’re super excited to announce our full programme of summer courses for 2024 😎From directing to musical theatre and stage combat , head on over to our website to see what’s on 👉


More fantastic drawing competition entries


After visiting Year 7 students took part in a drawing competition.


Thinking about going to university but worried about the tuition fees? The Southwark Scholarship Scheme has helped over 130 young people to pursue their chosen university course. Applications are now open - apply before 31 May 2024


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The Year 9 team went all the way and won the Cup beating Harris Crystal Palace 77-55 after a strong performance from everyone.


This Saturday we pay final respects to our Richard Taylor OBE with a service to commemorate his life & legacy at We are grateful to Reverend and are humbled that & voices will fill the cathedral with love


Have you got an idea for 2024? Grant applications are now open - apply by 7 June for funding to support community celebrations in Southwark this October


Year 10 football team educational and inspirational visit to training ground. They experienced a tour plus watched an under 21s training session which allowed them to see the requirements needed at that level. This was followed by a Q&A session.


HAP students loved being able to perform at the iconic Camden Roundhouse yesterday … not only the opportunity to perform but to be able to do so with students from so many other schools. Thank you !!


We're excited to welcome you to visit one of our outstanding placement schools on Saturday, 20th April 10-2pm. If you're interested in , come & meet our super team, in ! Register:…


Predictably, the songs are still going through my head on repeat. Such a fantastic experience getting to watch Bottled Up come together from start to performance. Thank you and, as always, so proud of students past and current 💙


So proud of these students and this initiative with


We are so proud of you Kai!




Butterfly house


Students had a fantastic time exploring and learning

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Posted on November 5th 2018

Visit to Cambridge University

Cambridge University. We may think of an elite institution that unintentionally excludes others from qualifying to attend there for their high standards. However, have broken such stereotypes with the collaboration of their's and society's help. In this write-up, I Omotola Noble will be expressing my experience on attending the Corpus Christi College, University of Cambridge on the behalf of my school: Harris Academy Peckham as well as the fellow regional champions that also attended the event.

Besides perceiving Cambridge as Hogwarts made in flesh, one could possibly imagine an invisible veil that marginalises the vacancies to get into such a foundation. This "insightful experience" as said by one of the regional champions, somewhat fantasy came to life for I'm sure them and I as our feet ( both literally and metaphorically) scratched the surface entering the premises of Corpus Christi college. However, this wasn't just a physical enlightenment; it was a mental insight we also gained by comprehending that many diversities, backgrounds and citizens could be accepted into. By the end of the day, we experienced an evolution from a fantasy to a reality of Cambridge that took place right before our eyes. After we had learnt about it, the University became a place and ideology that we couldn't have imagined to but connected with. The difference between our mindset and views from the start of the day had totally changed by the end of it.

An international student from Latvia, helped us realise that we visitors of the day are fit to also study with the best opportunities for learning if we really want to. Without a shadow of a doubt, hard work and determination are indeed attached to success in learning, however, nationality isn't. It still remains... Much competition is present in entering such an institution. In spite of this, one's ethnic background shouldn't and with both the aid of ethnic minorities and Cambridge, is striving not to be one of the reasons.

It's important to say originally, the enviromnent was alienated to us— especially for a student like me, coming from the popular area of Peckham and being a Nigerian black girl. If not for the noteworthy and prestigious opportunity of the Jack Petchey Speak Out Challenge and the efficacious support from my school Harris Academy Peckham, I wouldn't have even been able to assimilate as much as I did from Cambridge.

Overall, the regional champions including myself can precisely proclaim that it was thoroughly "an impressive, dynamic revelation that gave us a great taste of the environment of campus life, university, and lectures". This provided an authentic experience directly from professors and students from the historic library to law lecture. I can now ask from this, who knows in a few years time who will be attending Cambridge University?

Omotola Year 11