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We're excited to welcome you to visit one of our outstanding placement schools on Saturday, 20th April 10-2pm. If you're interested in , come & meet our super team, in ! Register:…


Predictably, the songs are still going through my head on repeat. Such a fantastic experience getting to watch Bottled Up come together from start to performance. Thank you and, as always, so proud of students past and current 💙


So proud of these students and this initiative with


We are so proud of you Kai!




Butterfly house


Students had a fantastic time exploring and learning


The HAP community are deeply saddened to hear of the passing of Richard Taylor remember his visits to the Academy fondly and send heartfelt condolences to his family and friends.


Congratulations to Rylee who won the Junior Police Cadet of the Borough Award.


Year 7 students really enjoyed this reward trip to local Review Bookshop, choosing their amazing free World Book Day books. What a great selection -which one to read first?


Highlights of British Science week: making slime and bouncy balls and riding go karts


Year 10 students visit


Fantastic orchestral Together day yesterday for some of our year 7 and 8 students hosting students from you !


Thank you for a lovely Science Week assembly


Thank you for a lovely Science Week assembly


KS2 Science Week assembly


KS2 Science Week assembly


World Book Day Celebrations: Students from Harris Primary Academy Peckham Park joined us for a library treasure hunt. Supported by our skilful student librarians they solved riddles and answered literature questions to find their next clues. Well done!


On World book day Kenny Imafidon gave an inspiring presentation of his memoir “That Peckham boy”. In conversation with book blogger John-Paul Kunrunmi he encouraged students to be proactive about their future and to have the confidence to shape their own stories.


(29) We have worked with many schools across London but our links with Harris Academies is very strong Lord Harris funded a great youth club supporting the community

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Posted on December 4th 2019

Peckham Poets Corner - A Selection of Student Poems and Art

By EdwardCompel Us In

By Amira, Year 9 (art by Edward)


They offer us a full board hotel to stay in

And a red passport to crave.

Demand us to forget our culture and we obeyed.

It’s like they compel us in, and usher us away. 


They split each group into two,

And feed us proclaimed hate 

that we never even knew existed.

We are confined in the stereotypes they gifted us. 


They make it seem as if we are the problem,

As if our presence dulls the light at the end of the tunnel 

As if the lies they told our parents were on us 

And blame us for the artificial hate.


They mechanic the unseen poetry 

of our unseen rage 


They wave their red passports in the air 

“You’re not allowed innnn” 

as if this was the hierarchy in a child’s playground 


It’s even come to the point 

where they don’t even know who they are 

to the point where they have no name 


They offer us a full board hotel to stay in

And a red passport to crave,

Demand us to forget our culture and we obeyed

It’s like they compel us in, and usher us away. 

World War III

By Tegan, Year 10


I have become immune to the violence on these streets

Our population is decreasing rapidly

Every morning I wake up to a notification on my phone

A news report saying yet another has sadly gone


Globally it isn’t taken seriously


Yet this is my world

Everything I have lived to see

doesn’t matter internationally


The teens are the soldiers, viciously brought into battle

Too many deaths for our government to handle


Their general is their postcode

Ordering them to protect what’s theirs

Fallen soldiers wounded by their own weapon

They’re untrained

There’s no glory in their name


Only shame

All you hear is the statistics

And the summarised story from critics


Then you make your judgement

And say it’s the youth

But that’s not the whole truth


But then again

It’s not your world it’s mine

Maybe it’s not World War III

But World War Me



By Jenny“You’re Too Young to be a Feminist”

By Safa, Year 10 (art by Jenny)


“I am a feminist” 

No, no, no 

Apparently, I am too young to be a feminist 

I have no reason to be a feminist 


I not lived or witnessed enough of this patriarchal society

I have yet to witness fathers warn their daughters, to never trust a boy

I have yet to hear dinner must be ready, as soon as he steps through the door


I am yet to witness the women who are ‘just a pretty face’

I have yet to witness a society where women are taught

to protect their innocence

but ridiculed for simply not being ‘ready’


I am yet to witness the crying faces of young girls

as they have their pride snatched

as the man walks out of court

with a smirk on his face 


I am yet to witness the women being blamed for skirts being too short 

They say I’m too young to be a feminist

then it’s quite easy to realise

what is wrong

and it’s not the feminist in me.


By PapulaImmigrants

By Fabiola, Year 9 (art by Papula)


Immigrants they called us


We thought flying away

would make us escape extreme poverty

but the western world was only an ideology


We believe in sat in front of a TV screen

We came down and got comfortable

and in the process, we kind of untamed ourselves

in other words, we forgot who we were

because we left culture behind


But then we experienced the gentrification of the streets

we were just almost getting familiar with


So when they told us to go back to where we came from

We were confused

But I’ve grown to understand what they really meant


It was sort of a tribal dreadlock, oh sorry, I mean deadlock

We are seen as a social problem

That cannot afford to demystify the world they created


But we don’t have the power to set the agenda

So, we became post code gods 


It was the only way we felt we could feel empowered.