Commemorative Football match in honour of to mark 2nd anniversary. Thank you In Honour of Malcolm Mide-Madariola via


BBC News talks to HAP students as they mark the 20th anniversary of Damilola Taylor's stabbing.


Lots of deep thinking by our Y8 Kings Scholars students being reintroduced to metacognition, and how it is like a tool box as part of their Design a University series. Stand out was: Metacognition holds all the tools to success


Very thoughtful and reflective comment from Y11 student, Fabiola about last week's Masterclass on Bernard Coard & the Black Education Movement. Wonderful to see aspirations to further understand past & how it shapes the present


Our Y8 Kings Scholars enjoyed their 1st session of their Design a University sessions. Today they recalled their metacognition skills & learnt more about university subject specialisms. They were so excited to see Paul from too!


Students exploring density of different materials in our STEM CLUB launching session. We look forward to seeing them returning every Tuesday for discovering real-life applications of what we learn in lessons.


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Damilola Taylor. 20 years on. A legacy of hope. Yesterday’s piece.


A big thank you to for (virtually) delivering an inspirational talk to our students on police, protests and progress and for kindly donating copies of his book Natives for students and staff to read.


We will be appearing on BBC London at 6.30pm this evening to commemorate Damilola Taylor’s 20th anniversary.


Year 11 Art students analysed the work of Romanian artist Anca Gray. Using Gray’s work as inspiration the students produced beautiful mosaic using eggshell.


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Great to be PHYSICALLY back to complete our Career Pathway programme in partnership with 2 weeks down and 13 more to go!


Fantastic singing from Year 7 in our first session with for 🎶🎶


We’re excited to launch our bespoke Masterclass programme for and Junior Experience students. The 1st Masterclass is by History Teacher & More Able Coordinator, Mr Tye on his academic specialism on Black British civil rights in the 1960s & 1970s.


Year 7 loved dissecting chicken wings, learning about muscles, bones, ligaments and tendons.


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Really enjoyed this interview with ⁦⁩ about my role as a History teacher at ⁦⁩. Check it out at the link below ⬇️


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This winter, staff at are walking/running/cycling 1828 miles (to Camp Nou & back) to honour memory of Malcolm & raise funds to support students. This week, I’ve walked 35 miles. Donate here:


Our Junior Experience students have been given their Masterclass Reflection Logs ahead of the launch of our Masterclass programme starting next week. All very excited to be stretching themselves and reaching beyond the curriculum!


See our website for instructions on how to get and use our Academy App


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This is a great essay, I love it! Well done📚👍

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Posted on November 13th 2020

Tegan on Her Role in Creating 'The Endz' with the Multi-Story Orchestra

Tegan, a Year 11 student at Harris Academy Peckham and star of The Multi-Story Orchestra’s production of The Endz, tells us about the importance of telling a story through the eyes of those who experience it. Article orignally published on the Multi-Story Orchestra website.

‘‘Hello! I am Tegan, a fifteen year old girl who attends Harris Academy Peckham! In the past two years, students who picked GCSE Drama and Music joined together to create a play, known today as ‘The Endz’, with the help from the Multi-Story orchestra

‘The Endz’ is about a girl (who I performed) and a boy who are best friends (or rather, “forever g’s”). We showcased their childhood together though dance and song and then how they got older and both seemed to drift apart - the boy heading down a positive path and the girl heading down a dangerous and negative one.

Multistory 6march2018 2a2a2391

Tegan and fellow students performing in The Endz.

However, since they are and always will be “forever g’s” the boy tries to help the girl escape the horrible lifestyle she was now situated in, which unfortunately resulted in his death and the girl having to live with survivor’s guilt. 

Our play’s storyline was inspired by the tragic passing of a former student who attended our school and our play’s musical/spoken word aspect was inspired by Rapmans ‘Shiro’s story’ series on Youtube. 

One of our main goals was to break MANY stereotypes associated with our school, the youth now as a whole, who gang members target, victims of knife crime and much more!

I personally wanted to vocalise the fact that women are also targeted by gang members with the intent of them actually doing physical harm to others and not just the stereotypical “hiding the weapon” part that we often hear females in gangs are made to play. As a collective, we decided to make this play a real production, which showcased all kinds of talents, as we chose to sing, play instruments, act and include spoken word as if the whole play was one big narration.

I definitely believe that music played a huge role in the making of ‘The Endz’ as it was able to illustrate the severity of many situations. For example the first song in the play “forever g’s” – which includes an optimistic upbeat and shows the audience happy times and positivity – is a complete contrast to the last song in the play, “say goodbye”- which is melancholy, pessimistic and portrays to the audience a sense of devastation and guilt.

Additionally, multiple crescendos were added throughout the play, this amplified any time any characters were worried or about to make a serious decision. I feel like this also helped break down the fourth wall in our production and would actually make the audience members feel just as uneasy as the characters did at a chosen time.

The Multi-Story Orchestra really helped us form our play and make our ideas, which were initially just on paper, a reality. They were there to support us and give us methods in which it would be smartest to portray certain things but they let us be in charge. This definitely changed the dynamics of the play and actually made my peers and I feel empowered and that we finally all had a voice.’’