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Fabulous Year 8


This week's Peckham Post can be found on our website


Year 11 aspiring and persevering with their History revision, doing some quick-fire quizzing, brain dumps and writing practice ahead of their Medicine Paper next week


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What an amazing opportunity for and . Thank you and 💐


Year 10 Biology students performing a dissection on a fish to observe adaptations of their respiratory system.


The Year 11 German class is busy preparing for their GCSE speaking through a speed chatting task, pushing their peers for extended answers!


Year 10 Science students investigating properties of Sunscreens


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Her teacher said: 'Temi’s talent stood out at an early age; she is a wizard with a pencil and carefully refines her work with line and tone and the resulting pieces are stunning.'


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Warmest wishes to Muslims across Southwark and around the globe who are celebrating Eid ul-Fitr today


Year 9 Harris Experience students visit Christie's Auction House


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Everyone at Camelot School remembers today our past pupil, Jimi Adewole, our very own selfless, courageous hero. One year anniversary today of Jimi’s act of bravery here at London Bridge on 24/04/2021


We are so proud of Year 11 student Temi who received recognition for her fantastic art work by the Worshipful Company of Painter-Stainers! Well done Temi!


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Fabulous day at with the launch of during all staff CPD


Great enquiry shown in contributions to our Women’s History Month writing competitions in March Contributions range from histories of women from the UK, India and Colombia, from literary greats to leaders of change, from well-known individuals to unsung heroines


Thank you for bringing art aficionado Mr Christmas to our students today. Some of the wonderful outcomes below:


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Could you be the next Southwark scholar? Planning to go to university but worried about the cost? We've already supported over a hundred outstanding students to attend university by covering their fees. Find out more and apply before 1 May


Year 8 Parent Consultation Evening – Thursday 24th March, 4-7pm. Online event. An opportunity to discuss your child’s progress and attainment in all subjects. Full details at


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Wonderful visits to hosted by the fantastic schools liaison team at - our Y10 HEX students really enjoyed their days over two weeks of visits. We are really proud to have inspired them to think about Cambridge and university!

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Posted on March 16th 2022

The Science of Sunscreen - For When The Sun Screams!

Ever wondered what is in sunscreen and how it actually works? Our Year 10 students were taken through a fact-finding mission recently, to understand more about sunscreens and the science behind them.

The day started with an introduction to the topic of radiation where students learnt about ultraviolet rays, and the other types of waves which make up the spectrum of light. The impact of prolonged skin exposure to UV radiation was thoroughly examined.

Science (2)The rest of the day was divided between two experiments. There are compounds in sunscreens that function to absorb UV radiation thereby protecting your skin. For the first experiment, students had to determine which of two samples of sunscreen had a greater sun protection factor (SPF). The ability of sunscreen covered beads to absorb and emit radiation was described as “fascinating.” This investigation informed them about the importance of the SPF when selecting sunscreens. By the end, one student confirmed that, “some sunscreen lotions absorb more UV light.”

Making new molecules

During the second experiment, students had an opportunity to synthesise compounds that can be used in sunscreens. They were amazed that they could actually make new molecules. This was “exciting”, in the words of one student,  because “it was something we have never done before.”

The derivatives created were then analysed to determine which had the highest SPF. As some of the UV active beads covered in a solution of the new compound glowed under UV light, there was a sparkle in their eyes.

The subsequent analysis of the results led students to conclude that the quality of sunscreens is determined by their SPF. The higher the SPF, the more UV radiation is absorbed and the longer the protection. Next time you pick up a bottle of sunscreen, be sure to check the SPF.

The culminating activity was for groups of students to create a marketing campaign to highlight the benefits of sunscreen.

Astor Tate

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