As part of our , our Year 7 historians have been developing their enquiry by researching the local history of and honing their leadership skills by presenting to their peers


Today is the final day of term. Students will be dismissed at 12:30pm. We wish the entire HAP community a wonderful summer.


Absolutely amazing experience at over the weekend seeing the magical to celebrate their WORD achievements over the academic year. An afternoon never to forget!


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Literacy: 1 Federation; 1 league; 1 year; 8 competitions; 4 year groups; 1 final. Debates, spelling bees, reading relays and a write off = 1 winner! Congratulations to !


As part of our enquiry of Empire, Year 8 students have learned about Partition and its impact, including watching 's 'Finding My Family' documentary on Partition, all perfectly timed ahead of starting on the 18th July!


Year 7 French students showing off their fantastic pronunciation and spelling of French in the spelling bee


HAP is excited to be one of the participating flagship schools.


HAP is happy to be one of Southwark’s Flagship Food pioneers championing healthy school meals for all students. Southwark’s Food Flagship pioneers aiming to make school meals healthier – South London News (


Congratulations to HAP for winning the Central Quadrant WORD Champions League!


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Delighted to announce our Autumn/Winter 22-23 programme! 🌟None of The Clocks Work, with TP 🌟Young Gifted & Black 🌟Human Nurture, co-produced with 🌟For Christmas, Scroogelicious 🌟Sunny Side Up by Full details:


Year 9 Harris Experience are delighted to have their artwork “Unseen Battles” auctioned off at the prestigious The piece expresses problems that we combat and hide from society in fear for being ostracised with the hope that we become more open minded.


Our Summer Insight Magazine is now available. Happy reading!


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This is incredible- love the tune, love the energy, love how these young people have used music to spread their word. Big. Love.


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Your Year 4 and 5 Spelling Bee Superstars! Thanks again staff and pupils!


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A callout from our friends at ...


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What a TUNE 👏! Also perfect for our shout out to all the arts organisations out there that are ‘fighting for change’ 🙌 ensuring opportunities like this are for all students. 1/1


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Thank you so much to everyone who came to see The Endz at last week. It's an incredibly special show to perform and we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. ❤ 📷 Ambra Vernuccio


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Super, Splendid, Spectacular Spelling Bee for Year 4 and Year 4 hosted by the awesome .


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Year 4 and 5 Spelling Bee


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Agreed! We need to start a campaign hashtag If you have seen The Endz by please support our 🙏. what do you think of this musical theatre collaboration?

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Posted on July 12th 2022

News UK Mentors Help Students Make Career Choices

EzSFHB69lspmIVTwenty students from Year 11 finally got to meet their News UK mentors in the flesh earlier this term, after months of lockdown restrictions had meant they could only meet on Zoom.

News UK is the proud owner of a stable of news and media brands that span the most popular to the most respected, highbrow to lowbrow, the first flash and the last wave - including brands such as The Sun, The Times, Talk Sport and Virgin Radio.

The mentoring programme for Year 11 students aims to support them with their employability skills, helping them to present themselves in a professional manner. Its objective is to encourage the students to start thinking about what they would like to do and what profession they think they would follow.

For their final presentation, students were asked to research a potential employer they would like to work for and present basic information about the company, why they would like to work for them and why they are the best candidate.

On the day we had the opportunity to sit with our mentors on the 17th floor, overlooking the Thames, and discuss our future career aspirations - bringing a literal meaning to Blue Sky Thinking!

Great tips

I CbkJqErGpn6 "It was really eye-opening to discuss my future choice and potential career pathways as well as take away some great tips to include on my CV and covering letter focussing on the skills I have already gained across my five years at Harris Academy Peckham, for example as the Principal of the Student Council," said Treasure.

To calm our nerves we were provided with plenty of 'posh' refreshments, with the afternoon tea selection including scones with jam and strawberries, brownies, lemon drizzle cake as well as biscuits and crisps.

The session culminated with each mentor having the opportunity to showcase their passion for their chosen future career by presenting to a panel of mentors and peers on what steps they need to take next to achieve this and why they are the ideal candidate for the role.

"It was a delightful experience to be able to share my future career aspirations in the industry I want to go into," said Tricia. "We rarely get to speak publicly in this way and it helped to develop my communication skills and build my confidence for public speaking."

Touring Talk TV

VntiB5FJ0GNJQKAfter the nerve-wracking presentations, we were let loose to tour the tower of this broadcasting hub. First up was the Talk TV news desk where we each took turns to sit in the hot seat in front of the screen and give Nadira Tudor a run for her money presenting from her autocue.

Next up was radio with Talk Sport and Virgin, where we watched the presenters live as they broadcast to the nation on radio and You Tube, and were personally invited into Gaby Roslin's studio whilst she was live on air.

Then it was selfie time on the Sun Bus Photo Booth to make our own headline front cover whilst the real journalists around us worked diligently as their deadlines rapidly approached.

We are glad that students are now able to have valuable employee encounters, face-to-face outside the Academy, and we appreciate News UK continuing to invest in their relationship with our Academy and our students.

Ms Hall, Assistant Principal and Year 11 students

A big THANK YOU to our News UK mentors!

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