As part of our , our Year 7 historians have been developing their enquiry by researching the local history of and honing their leadership skills by presenting to their peers


Today is the final day of term. Students will be dismissed at 12:30pm. We wish the entire HAP community a wonderful summer.


Absolutely amazing experience at over the weekend seeing the magical to celebrate their WORD achievements over the academic year. An afternoon never to forget!


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Literacy: 1 Federation; 1 league; 1 year; 8 competitions; 4 year groups; 1 final. Debates, spelling bees, reading relays and a write off = 1 winner! Congratulations to !


As part of our enquiry of Empire, Year 8 students have learned about Partition and its impact, including watching 's 'Finding My Family' documentary on Partition, all perfectly timed ahead of starting on the 18th July!


Year 7 French students showing off their fantastic pronunciation and spelling of French in the spelling bee


HAP is excited to be one of the participating flagship schools.


HAP is happy to be one of Southwark’s Flagship Food pioneers championing healthy school meals for all students. Southwark’s Food Flagship pioneers aiming to make school meals healthier – South London News (


Congratulations to HAP for winning the Central Quadrant WORD Champions League!


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Delighted to announce our Autumn/Winter 22-23 programme! 🌟None of The Clocks Work, with TP 🌟Young Gifted & Black 🌟Human Nurture, co-produced with 🌟For Christmas, Scroogelicious 🌟Sunny Side Up by Full details:


Year 9 Harris Experience are delighted to have their artwork “Unseen Battles” auctioned off at the prestigious The piece expresses problems that we combat and hide from society in fear for being ostracised with the hope that we become more open minded.


Our Summer Insight Magazine is now available. Happy reading!


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This is incredible- love the tune, love the energy, love how these young people have used music to spread their word. Big. Love.


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Your Year 4 and 5 Spelling Bee Superstars! Thanks again staff and pupils!


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A callout from our friends at ...


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What a TUNE 👏! Also perfect for our shout out to all the arts organisations out there that are ‘fighting for change’ 🙌 ensuring opportunities like this are for all students. 1/1


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Thank you so much to everyone who came to see The Endz at last week. It's an incredibly special show to perform and we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. ❤ 📷 Ambra Vernuccio


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Super, Splendid, Spectacular Spelling Bee for Year 4 and Year 4 hosted by the awesome .


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Year 4 and 5 Spelling Bee


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Agreed! We need to start a campaign hashtag If you have seen The Endz by please support our 🙏. what do you think of this musical theatre collaboration?

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Posted on August 12th 2021

GCSE Success at Harris Academy Peckham

Students at Harris Academy Peckham have been celebrating this morning after picking up their GCSE results.

Despite the challenges of the pandemic, the Year 11 group did exceptionally well and achieved some fantastic results.

Rianna Small-Lawrence has achieved 9 and  in combined science, 9 in RS, 8’s in English language and literature, 7 in maths, 7 in food technology and a 6 in French. She will now go on to study for her A Levels and aspires to study social sciences at university to enable her to pursue a career in Mental Health or Social Sciences.

Commenting on Rianna’s resilience and determination, Claudette Bergin, Principal of Harris Academy Peckham, said:

“Rianna really is a phenomenal student who has shown true resilience and determination. We admire her strength to see the rainbows past the storm. She has worked so hard and deserves these amazing results. Her commitment to doing well in her exams has been powerful beyond belief.”


Another student who deserves congratulations is Sabrin Hassan, who has achieved either 3 or 4 grades higher in subject grades. She is off to Harris Academy Bermondsey to study tor her A Levels in Biology, Psychology and English and hopes to go to university.

Kymani Skyers has worked incredibly hard to juggle his football training with his school work and has done both with real flair. He has put in lots of work while playing for a Premier League youth team Crystal Palace but this did dilute his determination to achieve the top grades in his subjects.

Kymani appreciates that a successful football career is not guaranteed even for the most talented of footballers, so he has worked hard towards his favourite subject, biology. He feels that this will enable him to look after himself better as an athelete and open the doors for a career in physiotherapy.

Commenting on his plans for the future, he said: “I see this as the best of both worlds. Two possible careers in fields that I love, and these complement each other very well.”

He achieved five grade 9s, two grade 8s and one grade 7, and he is determined to pursue a career in football - either as a footballer or a physiotherapist.


Amira Lagzouli is an outstanding student who has worked tirelessly since Year 7 in all subjects! She is highly motivated, determined, caring and always inspirational to her peers. She sets extremely high expectations for herself and will settle for nothing less than excellence. Amira achieved grade 9 in English literature, English language, Science, Maths and History, grade 8 in Music and Spanish. These are wonderful results that are so thoroughly deserved! Amira has future aspirations of becoming a Doctor and we know that the Medical profession will be very lucky to gain such a wonderful young person. We are so incredibly proud! 

Safa Ghouini is wonderful student who has worked incredibly hard since Year 7. She is diligent, conscientious and extremely determined. During the lockdowns she worked tirelessly to ensure that her grades were not affected by the global pandemic. Post lockdown she continued to strive to achieving the best grades possible with the future aim of studying Psychology, History and English Literature at Post 16 level. Safa achieved a grade 9 in Drama, History and English Language, grade 8 in science and grade 7 in English Literature, Maths and Spanish. These are phenomenal results and so well deserved! 


Yeray Penu is a scholar of both music and maths, Yeray's passions complement each other perfectly. Yeray enjoys playing music composed by his favourite composer Bach, on both piano and flute, and revels in the mathematical study of the harmony as well as ensuring that he keeps the dexterity in his fingers for his Rubiks cube competitions (he is the reigning Harris Federation champion). Alongside his studies, Yeray attended Centre for Young Musicians (CYM), was Principal Flute in the Academy Orchestra and Jazz Band and was a tenor in the Academy choir. With Grade 9s in both Maths and Music and a cacophony of other GCSEs at the highest level, Yeray will continue his studies at A level. He dreams of becoming an Astrophysicist.

Jalisha Kamara - At the beginning of the first lockdown, with fewer distractions outside of academic work and outstanding motivation from her single mother who was also studying for her Midwifery degree at the same time, Jalisha re-engaged herself with her books and began to have more confidence in her abilities. Her engagement with online learning was exemplary and her teachers and friends noticed the remarkable change. Jalisha gave up a lot to focus more on her studies and has proved that hard work does pay off. She saw the return to face-to-face teaching at the start of Year 11 as an opportunity to really aim for the top grades and worked tirelessly to achieve one grade 9, 3 grade 8s, 2 grade 7s and one grade 6. She will be studying Maths, Psychology and History at Harris Academy Greenwich and hopes to become a lawyer.

Commenting on the whole year group, Claudette Bergin, said:

“We are so proud of all our Year 11 today. They have achieved some amazing results in a very challenging year. We wish them every success as they progress into the next stages of their education. Well done all!”


How the South London Press covered our success and that of our local neighbours Harris Dulwich Girls and Harris Dulwich Boys.