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Are you a teacher looking for a role? Take a look at the latest opportunity :


Fantastic to be here at St George's, Hanover Square performing as part of Commonwealth Resounds with students from and Apollo Youth Choir. Rehearsal is sounding great!


South London Gallery came in to work with Year 7. Students were creating their own comic strips using historical paintings. The work produced will be printed professionally and will be part of an exhibition in July at the South London Gallery.


Congratulations to our talented musicians on their recent music exam success! 🎶


Year 11 Raising Achievement Evening is on Tuesday 24th April 2018 from 6.00pm - 7.30pm. We look forward to welcoming all Year 11 Parents and Carers.


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Food Technology Technician (P/T) required .Apply now


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Lovely to meet Head of Music A great community within Peckham with students really soaking up their love for the music and the arts! @#InspireOurYputh


Miss Hamner shows off her violin skills with students at the multi story orchestra


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Heard some amazing stories about the youth of the Peckham community from Head of music Aspiring students residing in this great school providing them with great opportunities to expand their talents!


We hope you are having an enjoyable and restful break. We look forward to welcoming all students back to the Academy on Monday 16th April at 8:25am.


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Are you a teacher looking for a role? Take a look at the latest opportunity :


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Congratulations to you all on a great performance this evening.


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Really enjoyed working on this project! Amazing work once again . Well done to all the students involved - they have been awesome!


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Fantastic getting to be part of this amazing project with and very proud of all the brilliant students involved


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Huge congrats to all the incredible musicians from who performed with us in Noye's Fludde with . You were all totally awesome!


Good luck to our fantastic music students in their performances of Noye's Fludde today and tomorrow! Just warming up for the matinee. 🎶


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Are you looking for a Teacher of History role? Apply now


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We're so proud of Crispin for his excellent performance in the Speak Out challenge regional final last night . Many congrats to winner Omotola from and all the other fantastic contestants. What a great event!


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What a great evening - thank you to our fabulous judges Detective Superintendent Helen Lyons Gemma Juma Josie Verghese Neil Chisholm Kat Lee Emily Reddon & Trudy-Ann

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

A-Z Guide

Absence & Attendance
The only reason for absence should be ill health, interviews or unavoidable family emergency. Parents are required to telephone the Academy on the first day of your absence. Lateness and truancy is dealt with in line with the Post 16 Attendance and Punctuality policy as detailed in your student handbook. As in the lower school, holidays will be regarded as unauthorised absences.
If due to an emergency i.e. severe weather the Academy may have to be closed, notification will be given via the Academy website. It is your responsibility to catch up on work you have missed through absence (although in the case of hospital treatment or prolonged absence known in advance arrangements can be made to have work sent to you). You must not use timetabled lesson time for medical/dental appointments or driving lessons. You are expected to be in school by 8:20am every day. Any leave of absences request must be made in advance using the appropriate form which can be collected from the Post 16 student officer. Any holidays will be deemed as unauthorised and could put your place within the Academy at risk.

Access in and out of the Academy is only permitted through the student entrance, unless by prior arrangement.

In addition to a weekly faculty assembly, every Friday there will be a dedicated Post16 assembly.

Individual departments will issue texts for part or all of the duration of your course. It is important that you return all texts issued, (unless you have purchased them under the advice of the subject area) as you will need to complete a leaving form before being signed off roll.

You can apply for an ISIC student card (International Student Identity Card), an Oyster card or a London Transport Card if over 18, to obtain discounted travel.

If you are using the local neighbourhood you must drive and park carefully and sensibly. No parking is available for students on site. Driving lessons must not be booked during the Academy day.

You will almost certainly need to consult the Careers Service at frequent intervals. You are reminded that most Universities and many employers see the equivalent of a combination of 3 A Levels / BTEC Nationals as standard. You will therefore be expected to carry on with the equivalent of 3 A Levels/ BTEC Nationals into Year 13.

Clubs & Societies
A range of clubs and societies are offered depending on the interests/experience of the Post 16 students themselves

Courses Elsewhere
You may take additional courses at other institutions during the evening. If this is the case, the administration of Post 16 should be informed as to the subject(s) being studied and where.

Coursework takes many different forms (i.e. an investigation, case-study, independent project, essay, report, etc.) Where subject areas have fixed dates for completion these will be clearly stated. You are expected to hand in work by the deadlines given. Failure to do so will result in a formal referral which may lead to a review of your position in the Post 16. CTech students must pay close attention to deadlines as these are linked to external dates that are set by the exam board. CTech students should ensure they study their course summary booklet which will detail all deadlines.

These are vocational qualifications that are equivalent to GCSEs / A Levels. They focus on a particular industry sector e.g. ICT and Business Studies and Performing Arts.

Dress Code
You are expected to conform to the Academy dress code. A copy of this can be found in the student planner.

External examinations are held throughout November, March, May and June for Year 12 and 13. The Academy will pay for your first sitting of an examination. You must pay for any re-sits.

Senior Prefects
At the Academy we expect that members of the Post 16 will take an active role in the life of the Academy and develop a sense of responsibility towards fellow students and the community beyond. From this body a Head Boy and Head Girl will be selected.

At the beginning of Year 12, you will be invited to apply to become a Senior Prefect. 

The numbers of students who may become Senior Prefects is not restricted. Not everyone wants to become Senior Prefects, but all students should aim to be able to offer a good profile since it is precisely this level of achievement and participation that Universities and employers look for and which will enable you to write a convincing Personal Statement on your UCAS form or job applications. Senior Prefects will also be able to involve themselves in various committees ranging from sporting to social.

Higher Education
A formal programme of preparation for application to higher education institutions takes place through the tutorial programme. Advice from tutors, subject teachers, senior staff and the careers service is available throughout a student’s Post 16 experience. You will also attend a higher education evening and a next steps talk as part of the programme. You are entitled to attend university Open Days in curriculum time subject to a maximum of five visits which you will need to apply for in advance of the visit.

iPod & MP3 Players /Mobile Phones
These are not allowed within the Academy and responsibility for the equipment rests entirely with you. Please respect the needs of other students. You must not walk around the Academy with these items visible. Anyone bringing in a mobile phone does so at their own risk. The Academy cannot accept responsibility for the loss or damage to such items.

Mail & Telephone calls
Messages for students may only be taken in emergencies and must be made via the main school switchboard. Post cannot be delivered on an individual basis (unless in an emergency).

There are notice-boards in your Study Room. Please check these every day for information. There is space for you to use these boards to communicate with other students. Please ask the Head of Post 16 for permission to do so as a matter of courtesy.

Post 16 Study Area
This is one of the key focus areas for Post 16 life. This area is provided as a privilege not a right. They must be treated with care and respect and will be closed if it is neglected or abused.

Private Study
Private study arrangements for independent working are an essential requirement for students of further and higher education and you have the right to pursue quiet independent study. Your subject teachers will give you guidance on how to work productively on your chosen subjects and you are encouraged to make good use of the Academy Intranet site. Internet facilities are provided but must be used for research purposes. If you are found violating the code of conduct for the use of ICT, you will be disabled from the network which may have severe implications for your programme of study. Please note the Quiet Area/ Computer Area is a SILENT study area. SILENCE must be maintained to allow other students to work. You are also welcome to use the main school library at any time, although you should avoid busy periods for the lower school, such as break time.  You will be timetable in the Study room as part of your course.

Progress Monitoring
Your progress will be formally monitored approximately every 6 weeks during the course. The object of progress monitoring is to keep you informed about your work to date and to provide you with the next steps to take in specific subjects. Data will also be collected on attitude to the course, meeting deadlines, absences and participation. Your parent/carer will be notified regularly of your progress on programmes. Causes for concern will result in a letter home to parents/carers, as will performance meriting commendation.


The Academy system of Peckham Points runs at Post 16 for all students. 

Role Model
You are expected to be a positive role model for the lower Academy students. You should demonstrate exemplary standards in dress, use of language and behaviour around the Academy.

Smoking is not allowed on Academy premises nor is it expected that you go off premises to smoke in the vicinity during Academy hours.

You are expected to supply your own stationery.

Student Voice
Upon entering Harris Academy Peckham Post 16 you will have the opportunity to apply for various roles of responsibility at your base site such as the Post Sixteen Student Leadership team/ Student Council, fund raising, Academy guides. .

Tutorial Programme
During registration and tutorial (where present), you will explore a range of issues relating to Careers, Religion & Philosophy and PSHE. You will also have the opportunity to meet with your tutor one to one to discuss your academic progress and future plans. Your tutor will provide you with academic mentoring and independent advice and guidance.

Your tutor is the important link person regarding your academic progress and personal welfare in the Academy. He/she is responsible for your registration, passing on information about any concerns and helping you make a smooth transition from Year 11 to that of Higher Education or employment.

You are not permitted to invite non-centre friends onto the Academy site as this can result in security concerns. All visitors must sign in at reception.

Work (part-time)
Most Post 16 students do tend to do some kind of paid employment in addition to their studies and we encourage you to take up some form of paid employment if appropriate. This must not take place during Academy hours. It is important to note, however, that many recent studies have shown a direct correlation between hours of paid employment and academic performance. We advise you not to exceed 8/9 hours of employment per week. You must not work during Academy hours and it is expected that, if required, you will have to stay for extra support, study or detention. It is not acceptable to miss any Academy activity due to work commitments.

Work Experience
All Post 16 students will embark on a two week period of work experience during year 12. We would ask you to think of a suitable placement that links to your subjects and one that will give you the ‘hands-on’ experience of life in that field.