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The guest speakers for our upcoming webinar have been announced! 🔔 We will be joined by Joe Lane of , Kelly Silverton of and Rebecca O'Neill of . Sign up for our webinar here:


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Our scientists are going through some practical lessons for their own practical lessons - copper sulfate crystals is what we are aiming for! Thank you to for hosting us today!


Congratulations to the Year 7 Inter-Tutor Football Tournament winners! They showed and excellent team work throughout the tournament


Bedrock Brilliance at Peckham!!


Typical library scenes at lunch time: Mathswatch, Bedrock, Chess and of course reading!


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If your child is due to start secondary school in September 2022 you must apply for a place online before 31 October 2021


What talent!!


Congratulations to our elected Year 7 student leadership Council! We are really looking forward to hearing their student voice and launching our student led campaigns


So lovely to conduct art learning walks and witness how each student is finding their own individual expression for their portfolios.


Thank you for your inspiring talk about your new book earlier today with . Our students left buzzing with ideas and a new book for our library!


It was brilliant to welcome Year 6 students from on Friday for our historical investigation to find Toni! We found them!


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Let’s not talk about that 1v1 game tho… 🙈😂 Thanks Harris - was incredible to see the massive amount of talent coming out of your school/peckham 🤯🙏🏿🚀


Year 9 Boys experienced an Taster Day culminating with a Trading Simulation challenge taking on the roles of commodities and stock traders after learning about Supply and Demand, Mergers and Acquisitions, Tax and Business Ethics


Excited to publish poems by Year 8 students following their tour of Peckham garnering inspiration on . Who will be the next or William Blake


Thank you for joining our first LEAP day of the Academic year and leading a day for our Year 9 girls .


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Doing these presentations outside was a great bit of thinking from and the rest of the team not on Twitter. Kudos to the Y8s for standing up in public! Congratulations


Thank you to Hena Byron and the team at for sharing insights on literature, science and society via the book “The upper world”. Also, a real treat for Femi to take on our own basketball superstar Antonio in a game of 1 V 1 basketball!


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Year 8 presentations in Somerset House courtyard! Another great Discover University day


There has been a crime in Science!!!! Year 7 students are investigating the clues using scientific methods as part of LEAP Day. Who is guilty of the crime?!


Year 11 GSCE Music students working hard on their harmonic analysis of Badinerie as part of LEAP Day

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Posted on September 28th 2021

HAP Wins 'Best Curriculum' Prize at Diversity Awards

Friday September 24th was another wonderful day for Harris Academy Peckham community.

It was, after all, the Diversity Awards for Education evening, a celebration of schools in London who offer above and beyond support and celebration for their rainbow communities, representing the multitude of ethnicities, languages, faiths, and backgrounds that make London's schools distinct.

Harris Academy Peckham themselves were nominated for four (yes four!) awards that evening, including nominations for our work with communities and the brilliant contributions of exceptional year groups.

Diversity awardsWho would win 'Best Curriculum'?

However, there was one particularly coveted prize: "Best Curriculum". The question remained, which curriculum truly took seriously the genuine representation of the communities being taught, and ensured that their students could become truly global citizens?

The drum rolled, schools across the country waited with bated breath... The winner was, yours truly, Harris Academy Peckham. Mr Tate, Ms Bergin, Mr Lane and Head Girl, Treasure (all pictured), cheered in delight. We did it!

But what was the background to this? Our curriculum development started two years ago. The killing of George Floyd in America and the subsequent protests that ensued, have served as a catalyst in many ways.

Here at Harris Academy Peckham, it sparked an internal review of staff’s feeling and attitudes about racism and representation in education. The audit revealed to staff and students that a lot of good quality work was currently underway. However, staff were not always aware exactly how each department was ensuring diversity in their curriculum.

This was a missed opportunity for inter-disciplinary practice, we had to seize it. From these discussions we were prompted to do a curriculum audit to ascertain how effectively we were practising diversity and inclusion as an institution.

Diversity awards 2Good practice across departments

Each department was tasked with identifying actions taken in the past, current strategies and future aspirations that demonstrate we are catering for our diverse staff, students and community. Good practice shared included:

  • History's use of Christine Councell's "Meanwhile elsewhere..." principle to ensure that any study of British history explored its global consequences; alongside its intermittent in-depth study of particular cultures that led to Peckham's own diversity such as the study of Islamic Civilization in Year 7 and the study of Mansa Mussa in Year 8
  • The English department's "Diverse Shorts" scheme of work that include short stories and extracts written by Benjamin Zephaniah and Sita Brahmachari. Or its in depth study of Boys Don’t Cry, an Own Voices text by Malorie Blackman,a  Black writer, that does not tokenise Blackness but does explore Black experiences
  • The Science Department's celebration of scientists from around the world, to help students put similar names and faces to the content that they themselves are studying
  • The RS department's religion in the media module, exploring issues of solidarity in the Black Lives Matter Movement with those battling Holocaust denial online.

Of course, winning this award cannot become merely a tokenistic "box ticked". Moving forward we will be re-auditing our curriculum, ensuring we are up to date with the issues our community faces, work towards a Diversity Mark and wean out institutional racism wherever we can.

Nonetheless, this is a promising stepping stone in that journey. It means a great deal to our young people that their backgrounds and worldviews matter in forming our Peckham schema. To be rewarded for this spotlights that this means a great deal to wider society too.

What students and teachers say...

“It is fantastic to have won this award. Nonetheless, we must remember that excellence is not an event, it is a habit. We look forward to working on the Diversity Mark to push forward.” Mr Tate Science Teacher

“We have worked hard to ensure that students get access to literature from a range of voices. It is important for children to read about the lives of people similar to themselves and others.” Ms Kohnen-Zuelzer, Librarian

"Including diverse voices, stories and experiences within our curriculum is important to ensure we reflect the rich and vibrant community of Peckham. Within History this is crucial, as without these voices and stories being interweaved into the tapestry of our curriculum, we fail to tell the complete narrative of our past." Mr Tye Head of History

“We have realised that we can make an impact on the academy community and create a curriculum that can connect and touch different lives.” Treasure, Student Principal

“A diverse curriculum means that can get to live different people’s experiences.” Megan, Student Vice Principal

“I am so happy that we have actually made a clear positive change to the world.” Faridat, Student Assistant Principal

Click HERE to see the latest newsletter from Learning Workz about the Diversity Awards and Diversity Mark.